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    Giving The Award Of The Year 2011 By Lumpini Muaythai Stadium
    The Greatest Nak-Muaythai Of Lumpini : Sam-A Kaiyanghadaewgym (Fight 10 Win 8 Lose 1 Draw 1 in this year)
    The Greatest Nak-Muaythai making fame for Thailand : Buakaw Por Pramuk
    The Greatest Fight Of The Year : Thelek Wor Sangprapai VS Khunsuek PN gym
    The Greatest Muaythai Camp : Rachanont Camp Bangkok (Of Mr. Vichai Rachanont)
    The Greatest Muaythai Trainer : Bele Of Sitboonmee camp

    Vuoden paras camppi ehdokkaat:
    1. Rachanont
    2. Sitbunmee
    3. Gaiyang 5 Daow
    4. Sittongsak
    5. S. Sakulchua
    6. Sitnumnoi
    7. Sitsongpeenong
    8. Kiatmoo 9
    9. Sitmontchai
    10. V. Sangprapai
    11. Petchpayatai (Kiatpetch)
    12. F.A. Group
    13. Meenayothin
    14. Sitsonong
    15. Sakhomsil

    Viisi lopullista ehdokasta joka sarjassa.

    The Greatest Muaythai Camp candidates

    Kiatmuu 9, Ratchanon, Sitsongpeenong, Sitboonmee, Kor Sakunsua

    fighter of the year candidates

    Sam-A Gaiyanghaadao gym, F16 Ratchanon, Kongsak Sitboonmee,Chokpreecha Kor Sakunsua

    young up and coming fighter of the year

    Superlek Kiatmuu9, Pe-teng Kiatphontip, Petkangwan Ratchanon and Wanchana Or Boonchuay

    Trainer of the year

    Pele Kiatsongrit, Petpayao Chor Vigo and Jedjaa Kiatmuu9

    international ambassador

    Buakao Por Pramuk and Saiyok Windy sport

    fight of the year

    The-lek Wor Sangprapai vs Khunsuk PN Gym from August
    Chokpreecha Kor Sakunsua vs Wanchalong Sitsonong, the first fight


    Sam-A wins Lumpinee fighter of year award

    Sam-A Kratingdanggym

    Sam-A Kratingdanggym, the triple rated pint sized boxer with the heart of a lion, capped off a remarkable year on Thursday when he won the Lumpinee Stadium’s prestigious best Muay Thai fighter of the year award.

    Sam-A Kratingdanggym

    The Buri Ram warrior was presented with the stadium’s dark blue champion jacket at Lumpinee’s annual birthday awards. Sam-A said the award was the highest honour he had received since bursting into the elite fighting league of the premier Bangkok boxing stadiums. He has been unbeatable all year in weight divisions ranging from 121 to 126 pounds.

    Sam-A was judged against an elite peer group that included the Muay Thai three “invincibles” _ Saenchai Sor Kingstar, Sakeddao Petchboonchu and Kongsak Sitboonmee. Sam-A’s fame is destined for worldwide exposure. His remarkable life story _ climbing up from being a little known Buri Ram boxer to the pinnacle of Muay Thai stardom _ will be featured as a sports documentary on the National Geographic Channel and televised worldwide next year. Known for his stoic lifestyle and strict training regime, Sam-A said he was humbled to receive the Lumpinee award.

    “I am just thankful that I was born with talent to fight Muay Thai. There are hundreds of teenagers in Buri Ram who dream of fighting at Lumpinee Stadium. Winning the stadium’s fighter of the year award is truly a great honour. It makes me feel so proud to be born a Thai and to be able to live the life of Muay Thai.”

    Buakaw Sor Pramuk also received his Lumpinee jacket for winning the year’s most outstanding Muay Thai boxer on the international stage.

    And Thailand’s brilliant boxer Pongsaklek Wonjongkam, who has been a WBC champion for 11 years with a record of 80 wins and just three loses, was honoured again as the best boxer of the year.

    Pongsaklek, 34, will defend his WBC flyweight title against Japan’s Hirofumi Mukai in Bangkok on Dec 23.

    The southpaw boxing pride of Nakhon Ratchasima was at his brilliant best last October when he convincingly defended his world championship with a unanimous points victory against highly-rated Mexican Edgar Sosa.

    Thai Fight finale

    Buakaw, who this week returned to Bangkok after a visit to Italy, is back in training preparing for the super- welterweight grand final of Thai Fight against Australia’s Frankie Giorgi on Dec 18.

    In the same event, Kem Sitsongpeenong will challenge defending champion Fabio Pinca of France for the welterweight Thai Fight title.

    Kem and Giorgi are currently training together in the same camp and both are undergoing a rigorous training routine to be at peak fitness for the Thai Fight finale.

    Kem said he was confident he will dethrone Pinca as the Thai Fight “king” as he had beaten him previously in Europe.

    Australian/Italian Giorgi is preparing for “the fight of my life.”

    “Buakaw will be coming at me and I’ll be coming at him from the opening bell until the fight’s over. It will get down to who’s the last man standing. I’ll be standing my ground, that’s certain,” said Giorgi from the Sitsongpeenong Muay Thai live-in training camp.

    “I’m ready to deliver my best shot. Every round will be furious.”

    At the rules meeting, Thai Fight organisers advised that the two grand finals will be fought over three rounds and not the regular five rounds as is normal for Muay Thai championships.

    Rise of America

    As 2011 is drawing to an end, there is much excitement at the growing appeal and high standard of professional Muay Thai in the United States.

    Over the past year, the US has produced two outstanding Muay Thai champions in Ky Hollenback (middleweight) and Joe Schilling (light-heavyweight).

    Despite tempting lures from the Ultimate Fight organisation to focus on the mixed martial arts (MMA), Hollenbeck intends to stay active with Muay Thai for 2012 and beyond.

    MMA is rich with sponsors and Muay Thai champions who can switch to the “take down” style are tempted by the higher MMA purse.

    It’s taken Schilling just two years to go from being an unknown brawler to winning the WBC Muay Thai world championship with a first round TKO of the Thai superstar Kaoklai Kaennorasing.

    Schilling says he’s fully committed to Muay Thai.

    “I don’t like fighting on the ground. I like to fight standing up in the ring. That’s why I will stick with Muay Thai,” he said.

    After winning all his fights with KOs to get to the top, Schilling is looking forward to facing Russia’s Artem Levin who is regarded as the best non-Thai fighting Muay Thai.

    “We’re both light-heavies so weight isn’t an issue. This is the fight that everyone wants. It’s now up to the promoters to book us both in.”

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