Vs: Re: 1.9.2012 Total Carnage II, Corbett vs McKinnon rematch

Uutiset Foorumit Kilpailutoiminta Kilpailut 1.9.2012 Total Carnage II, Corbett vs McKinnon rematch Vs: Re: 1.9.2012 Total Carnage II, Corbett vs McKinnon rematch




Kaarnits hakkas Mäkkinnonin.


Round 1 – Carnage landing with a hard right leg kick, Mckinnon peppering away with left kicks and jabs. Carnage pushing forward and giving body hooks, Mckinnon knocks carnage off balance with an overhand while carnage was mid kick, no down. Carnage launching elbows now, Mckinnon returning in kind, none landed clean. Close first round with Carnage the aggressor.

Round 2 – Both fighters really letting the leather fly, Carnage lands a nice elbow, no cut. This is a frantic pace for heavyweight fighters. Mckinnon throwing heavy single shots that were easy for Carnage to see. Punch flurry from Carnage now the elbows, Mckinnon coming back with kicks but seems to be tiring a little. Spinning back fist from Mckinnon just misses, Carnage has him cornered and landing stoic punches.

Round 3 – Carnage coming forward with punches and elbows, he looks angry and has Mckinnon moving back the whole time. Mckinnon lands a nasty elbow, no cut, Carnage has him cornered and raining bombs, Mckinnon looks unfazed, body hooks again from Carnage, he’s racking up the points and Mckinnon must be feeling these heavy shots. Carnage bleeding from the nose from a Mckinnon elbow, could be broken. Carnage hacks his leg like an ax to a tree as the round ends, action personified!

Round 4 – Carnage hacks again at Mckinnon’s lead leg putting him down momentarily. Mckinnon trying to fire first but Carnage is walking through his attacks and pushing him back with his own. Carnage still landing punches and leg kicks, Mckinnon seems to be slowing down and only throwing single strikes. Mckinnon standing southpaw at times, a sign that the lead leg kicks of Carnage are hitting home.

Round 5 – Mckinnon comes out hard but his strikes have lost their zing. Carnage chipping away with uppercuts, hooks and overhands. Mckinnon swings wildly but just misses with the hook. Carnage going in the for kill now and Mckinnon is showing signs of fatigue and damage. Carnage goes down but just a loss of balance. Last 30 seconds and Carnage controlling with his punches.

Decision – Carnage takes the unanimous decision.