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Eipä pauku enää. On nämä Schillingin matsit kyllä viihdyttäviä.

For those that havent seen the fight:

Basically Joe Schilling was outclassing Walker and dropped him once in the first round and then again in the second with elbows.

Complete domination on Joe’s part.
He out kicked , punched , kneed and elbowed Walker for 2 rounds and underestimated Walkers ability to absorb punishment, left himself wide open after a missed punch and got KTFO’d for it…

Looked kinda like when Manhoef fought Robbie Lawlor: Complete domination and then boom one shot and it’s over for the guy that was supposed to win.

Lähde: http://www.muaythaiauthority.com/2012/10/results-and-recap-of-lion-fight-muay.html#more

Walker was considered an under dog by many as he came into the fight with Schilling and early on in the fight it seemed that Joe Schilling’s prediction that Walker would not make it out of the first round would come true. Schilling went to work on Walkers lead leg early with kicks and was able to knock Walker down in the first round after connecting with an elbow. A calm and collected Walker got back to his feet and informed the referee he could continue. In the second round it seemed like Schilling was looking to finish what he started in the first round as he went to work on Walker’s leg and again scored a knock down with an elbow from the clinch. Walker got up a bit slower than the first time and was bleeding from a cut that opened up, but he was once again able to answer the referee’s count. Schilling got more aggressive as he looked to finish the fight, but Walker began to let his hands go more and in a close exchange a short right hand from Walker connected on the jaw of Schilling and sent him crashing to the canvas. It was a vicious knock out by Walker that left the mainly pro Schilling crowd stunned. Easily the biggest win of Walker’s career.