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Domination 6 tapahtuman promoottori Darren Curovic haastateltavana.

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Darren Curovic : Plenty of intrigue there plus more that I haven’t mentioned
April 1, 2011 11:54 pm

April 16, 2011 – Perth, AUSTRALIA – Domination 6 promoter talk to Fightmag.net about his fight business experience

Fightmag.net : Hi Darren , how’s everything just 2 weeks before the show ?
Darren Curovic : Very busy & hectic as you can imagine, but all good.

Fightmag.net : Tell us how did you manage to organize Domination 6 and you just recently promoted Domination development day 3 ?
Darren Curovic : Its very manageable because of the help from my team. As we have decided to make Domination 6 mainly for more experienced fighters, we must also look after our novice fighters hence putting on Development Day close, date wise.

Fightmag.net : Tell us about the success of Domination shows ?
Darren Curovic : We have gone from strength to strength, creating huge interest by having the big Muay Thai stars like Nathan “Carnage“ Corbett & John Wayne Parr headline our shows & enabling the Perth public to watch these champions live. We are trying to build the popularity of the sport here in Perth by having these champions fighting live, build both attendances at shows & people wanting to train Muay Thai at the many Perth gyms.

Fightmag.net : How is it going with the fight promotion and matchmaking ?
Darren Curovic : Nothing is ever smooth in this department…all hard work!

Fightmag.net : What will be the major Domination fights and is there any intrigue ?
Darren Curovic : Of course having Carnage as the main event again is the major fight. But also some questions will be answered – How will Moppa James handle the step up vs Rob Powdrill & how will Powdrill handle Moppa’s size? Will Cales Lewis’s winning streak continue or will Heather O’Donnell end her run? Will Brett Craine-White learn from their previous encounter that he has the ability to beat Luke Aram or will Aram prove that he is still a level above? Who will win the WKN WA title between the two undefeated young guns Roy Wills & Jordan “Wolf” Godfredtson? Will Adam “Hunter” Bailey go out with a bang in a very tough retirement fight against an explosive Thai opponent? Can Beau St Quenton avenge his stable mates loss to Macca or will Macca continue his run against Riddler gym fighters & keep his WKN WA title? Will Toby Smith again put on a show & how will Mike 300 handle Toby’s relentless style? Will Danial “Mini T “ Williams bounce back from his loss to Linno Tak or will Jesse Coruna take revenge & take out the WA title? How will Cody Haddon handle his step up fight? Plenty of intrigue there plus more that I haven’t mentioned in the other fights on the card.

Fightmag.net : With your Kao Sok team; do your fighters also compete on different shows around Australia or you mostly based in WA?
Darren Curovic : Yes over the years Kao Sok fighters have fought in just about every state in Australia, the most recent is Alex “Moppa” James big ko victory on the Jwp vs Yod Powerplay show in Melbourne.

Fightmag.net : What about International fight management for your athletes ?
Darren Curovic : We work closely with the WKN World wide network.

Fightmag.net : Why don’t you send your team to amateur championships in Thailand anymore as you used to go urself when fighting ?
Darren Curovic : Mainly because of associated costs & time lost from work or university / school for the fighters. I am a great fan of these championships, as fighters get to put their talents against the top fighters in the World but sometimes it’s just not practical to attend. But if any of my fighters request to compete in the championships, we will go, no questions asked. Muay Thai Western Australia is in the process of trying to get subsidies for these IFMA events & I think this is great, but I am under no illusion that this will be a very difficult task. I also think that the body protection vests should be dropped as they are of great hindrance to the fighters. I’m also in two minds whether the head guards are a hindrance or a positive…MAYBE less cuts, but there is a big list of disadvantages with their use.

Fightmag.net : What is your major goal in promotions and fighter management ?
Darren Curovic : To keep building the popularity of Domination shows, to keep building the grass root novice fighters in Domination Development days & to continue to build the popularity of Muay Thai in WA. To continue to give Australian fighters opportunities to fight overseas.

Fightmag.net : Good luck with the shows.
Darren Curovic : Thank you very much for your time.

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