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Joe Schilling promises trouble for Simon Marcus this weekend at Battle in the Desert 5
By: Matt Paligaru
Posted On: February 21, 2012 at 10:00am

Joe Schilling has built a tidy reputation for himself as both a striker and fighter who has no problem sharing his opinion on any topic. The outspoken Muay Thai fighter is also the current interim WBC Light Heavyweight Champion and will take on the undefeated Simon Marcus this weekend in a fight with an unusual albeit welcome twist.

For all the hours of hard work, sweat, and dedication each fighter has put into training, only the victor will walk away with a fight purse after both fighters agreed to a winner-take-all clause meaning one of the two will exit the arena with an empty wallet. The fight takes place this Saturday night at Battle in the Desert 5 from Las Vegas.

Though the stipulation is rare and might appear difficult to ascertain, Schilling told Fighters.com his camp never hit a roadblock in securing the NSAC’s approval.

“I just told Scott Kent (Owner of Lion Fight Promotions) that I wanted to do it and Simon wanted to do it. He made it happen,” explained Schilling. “I think he said the commission loved the idea. We’d talked about it in the past, but no other fighters had manned up and done it. I’m really excited about it.”

With so much riding on the line physically, mentally, and financially, Schilling was quick to maintain that his standard “guns blazing” style and plan of attack would not be affected by the unique stipulation.

“It’s kind of my game plan every fight, so it’s fine with me,” Schilling laughed. “I know good things happen when I throw, and you know? I’m not the kind of guy that wants to wait five rounds to knock you out. I’m confident in my strikes, and my game plan that we have with my coaches. I plan on executing that game plan as soon as possible.”

The two talented kickboxers have had numerous heated exchanges in the months leading to this fight to the point where it has been evident there is a mutual disdain between both parties. Schilling was quick to offer his thoughts on Marcus, an unbeaten fighter who appears to have little respect for overall as a competitor.

“The things that Simon Marcus has said just motivate me to train harder,” said Schilling on his adversary. ” I trust in my game plan and my ability. I think Simon is overrated and I think he’s taking me lightly. As far as my emotions go, I do tend to be an emotional fighter, but I think it’s one of my best assets. I don’t want to waste energy or miss opportunities.”

“I feel confident in the way I’ve prepared, and I feel that Simon Marcus is in a world of trouble,” the confident Schilling concluded.

If you’re in the Las Vegas area on Saturday, be a part of history by getting a ticket to see Schilling-Marcus for just $21 through Ticketmaster.com or at the box office.