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Ilmeisesti Joe Schilling on tehnyt protestin lopputuloksesta Nevada State Athletic Commissionille ja hakee lopputuloksen mitätöimistä.

Damien Trainor ottaa kanttaa.

Schilling vs Marcus: My opinion.

Lion Fight Promotions had it’s 5th Battle in the desert event on the 25th February in Las Vegas. The main event between Joe Schilling and Simon Marcus was highly anticipated due to the amount of trash talking that had taken place in the build up to the fight.

I was actually looking forward to watching the fight as it would have been a real clash of styles; Marcus with a very traditional Thai style while Schilling seems to be more mobile, moving constantly like that of a conventional boxer.

The fight ended very controversially in the first round with Marcus being announced the winner.

Sweeps, trips and hip throws are fowls in Muay Thai and many of Schillings fans are saying that the throw Marcus initiated was in fact a fowl.

It is suggested that he hooked his heel behind the foot of Schilling to take him down, which would of meant an illegal move. After watching the video the throw appeared fine to me with Marcus planting his foot on the outside of Schillings and forcing him over his knee, all legal in Muay Thai. Marcus lands on top because Schilling didn’t want to let him go and you can see that Schilling is physically dazed from here onwards. Marcus drops Schilling on two more occasions in the first round, one with a hook the other with an elbow.

Another video of the fight shows a frame by frame account of the controversial move and it certainly does look like a fowl.

However looking at this picture from a different angle the throw looks legal, making it very difficult to prove if it was or if it wasn’t a legal Muay Thai technique.

My personal opinion is that if this exact same thing had occurred in Thailand it would have resulted in the exact same outcome, the referee would not of warned Marcus for the throw and if he did it would if only been a slight signal to suggest don’t do it again, he also wouldn’t have given Schilling time to recover. I am not agreeing that Marcus was in the right or Schilling for that matter but if it was a fowl I don’t for one second think that it was intentional.

Some people are trying to get the decision over turned to a no contest; even if they got it changed it actually wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference. You would still get the bickering between both fighters fans, the best thing would just be to arrange a rematch so both can get a real chance to prove the other wrong.

I believe they have both agreed to fight each other again so lets hope this time it lives up to all expectations.

Meanwhile in Thailand