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The line-up changes as Abbe Joof is out of the card

Abbe Joof has been removed from the match list. This causes changes in the fight card but also opportunities for other fighters

Alex Tobiasson Haris Vs Yoshihiro Sato

Alex Tobiasson Harris who initially was supposed to fight Bassan “Chahour” Gaobkji at the event will now instead step in as Abbes replacement against Yoshihiro Sato. This means that Bassam now lacks opponent, but a new adversary for Bassam is expected to be presented within a few days. For Harris this is a huge match-up taking on the K-1 MAX star Sato but also an opening that is well deserved for him.
Kasra Ashhami matchmaker:
– Alex Tobiasson Harris is a great fighter that has been standing patiently in the shadow of others waiting for his turn at the spotlight. As a fighter he is very active, technical and has huge endurance. Initially when we started to work on this years fight card we did have Harris in mind for the fight against Sato but after much negotiations we gave it to Abbe. Now when Abbe no longer is available I am most pleased to see Alex taking on the task to clash with Sato and I feel confident that Alex will put on a good show.

Alex may have been standing in the shadow but his accomplishments in the ring speaks loud. In 2008 Alex won the IFMA B-class World Championships in Busan – Korea by defeating several top notch fighters. Alex also won the Swedish Muay Thai Championships the same year and in 2009 he participated in the Thai boxing reality TV-Series Enfusion where he got the opportunity to train with and fight against top of the line fighters from all over the World. In 2010 Alex yet again captured the Swedish Muay Thai title and two months ago he also won a silver medal at the IFMA A-class World Championships.
Kasra Ashhami
– Alex loves to bee in the ring, he loves to fight and he does not listen to the word “give up”. At the IFMA Championships this year he defeated a World Champion from Russia even though he (Alex) had broken toes and was ill. He came in to the final battered and bruised but still managed to put on an impressive performance against a much more experienced fighter from the Ukraine. Whit this in mind Alex has proven that he has what it takes to compete at the highest level and I am glad that he now gets the opportunity to do so. I expect this fight to become a really breathtaking encounter fought in a high pace between two supreme fighters.

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