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On Saturday November 26:th 2011 the 16:th edition of Rumble of the Kings events (former K-1 Scandinavia) will take place.
K-1/Muaythai, MMA, Pro Box & Rock’n’roll are as usual the main ingredients which gives a unik mixed of the best fighting world has to present.
The 3 first fights announced are:

MMA tungvikts Super Fight Ray Sefo vs Jörgen “The Viking” Kruth
(Nya Zeeland) 56-21-1 (Sverige) 71-14-2

Muaythai mellanvikts Super Fight Yodsanklai Fairtex vs Artur Kyshenko
(Sverige) 174-69-1 (Ukraina, 164-21-2)

Muaythai mellanvikts Super Fight Chahid ”The PitBull” Oulad vs Dzhabar “Genghis Khan” Askerov
(Marocko) 38-14-2 (Dagestan) 65-26-1


The event tickets will be released on Friday, August 5:th, by Globearenas.se and http://www.ticnet.se. It is also possible to order by phone: +46 77-131 00 00.

Fans outside Sweden will be able to watch the fights live on PPV through streaming with HD quality. More about this will be published in September on this website.

The venue takes only 8 500 spectators and the seats will probably be sold out so we recommend you to order your tickets as soon as possible.

Pre-Fights will start around 16:30Opening ceremony will start at 18:00
The event will end around 21:30After Party: will be organized on Pure Night Club, Birger Jarlsgatan 29 from 22:00
For viewing the fightcard and relevant information please check for updates on http://www.rumbleofthekings.com

ATTENTION! Usage of video camera will not be permitted in the venue.