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Venäläisen Artem Vakhitovin MM-kisoja edeltävä haastattelu.

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Artem Vakhitov: No injuries and no win

 On the eve of World Championship Muay Thai, which will be held from 6 to 13 September in St Petersburg, known thaiboxer, Honored Master of Sports of the Artem Vakhitov Prokopevsk shares his sporting plans and objectives.

– Artem, you’ve always wanted to be a boxer?

– Yes. Since my childhood I wanted to be a champion. At home I have a tape, I did until now reconsidering. On this record to me for four years, and my father asked me what I want to be in the future. I replied that I would like Mike Tyson, the world champion.

– But there were also other hobbies besides boxing?

– Of course yes. Speaking of my school years, I was attracted to physics. I liked to solve problems, conduct experiments to see how there are some phenomena. I also went to music school – my mom wanted me to become a musician.

– And what instrument do you play?

– At the piano. I remember well the work that was taking on the final – is the composition of “The Godfather” by Nino Rota. By the way, I can play it now. To be honest, I miss the music. In my plan is worth buying a synthesizer, I think I’ll be back to the music.

– That affects the outcome of the competition, in particular, to win?

– There are several factors: training, mental attitude, for others, and omens. For me, first of all important preparation for competitions, I spend a lot of time training, working out of their techniques, combinations, working with a trainer. Also observe the daily routine, eat right. Much may depend on the draw and luck. In general, each factor one way or another played on your results.

– Who are your major supporters?

– It’s my parents who always support me in all situations. Friends and acquaintances, and I think everyone who knows me.

– There is a perception that the boxers – it is unbalanced, psychologically insecure people. Do you agree with that?

– No, it’s a stupid argument, in my opinion. Professional fighters are not aggressive because they are in training all their negative emotions to throw out a sparring partner on the bag, on the feet, on the pears. In the hall, so to speak, there is a “cleansing”: you simply can not be nervous and angry.

– Victory or defeat makes you stronger?

– Defeats do more. As Emerson said: “Our glory is not in the fact that we were defeated, but the fact that we have always been raised after the fall.” When you only win, then you do not feel their weaknesses. And it is dangerous. For example, you won the world championship, and you think: all you have achieved, you are the strong! And the loser will have up to five times stronger than the train. As a result, you stayed at the same level as the opponent has increased five times. Sometimes the losses are useful, they are an incentive for you. No injuries and no wins!

– The taste of victory is not dulled?

– No. Always after each tournament gives you a feeling of winning an incredible experience! When you hear your national anthem while standing on a pedestal, such pride in their country bursting not know whether to cry, or laugh.

– If you have not developed your stellar sports career, then you have been to continue to engage in Thai boxing, or it would be your favorite hobby?

– I never thought about it. Although when I went to Thai boxing, I have three years could not win a single tournament. Probably, most fell to the hands. But I had a goal and I went for it. Despite the losses, I had no idea that I’ll quit. The presence of several years without winning have made themselves felt – now I have a peculiar technique of fighting, under which no one can be arranged.

– You have 21 years. You are already world champion, Europe and Russia. There is something to strive for more?

– Of course. I’m still ahead. Even if you achieve something, then there is always another goal higher. At the moment it is a victory at the World Championships to be held in St. Petersburg. Then the defense of his title as champion among professionals, and wins in other tournaments. In the future, and I see this as a transition into a classic boxing. Although these are only plans.

– Tell me more about the upcoming championship?

– For the first time in the history of Thai boxing Russia will host country World Cup. This sporting event will be held from 6 to 13 September this year in St. Petersburg. It will be attended by thousands of taybokserov from more than one hundred countries around the world. This championship is very important for me, so it will be at home. For us it hurts the whole country, and we are in any case must not fail.

– In such a meteoric rise is the share of luck, or is it all natural?

– Of course, luck can not do without, but only on it does not go far. What I have now is my work and to work together a great team: coaching staff, team physicians and physiotherapists, the Federation of Thai boxing Kuzbass, and, of course, the general sponsor of the Federation of CJSC “Stroiservice”, which is investing heavily in Thai boxing . Thanks to this support Muaythai successfully developed not only in the Kuzbass region, but throughout the country. Athletes have the necessary conditions for training, as well as the opportunity to travel to meetings and competitions. Such an integrated and systematic approach and gives a positive result.

DOSSIER: Artem Vakhitov Honored Master of Sports of Russia Thai boxing. 21 years, Russia (Prokopyevsk), w / c 86 kg. Coach – Honored coach of Russia VV Miller. Team – The Federation of Thai boxing Kuzbass. Sporting achievements: World Champion (2010, 2011), European Champion (2009-2012) Champion of Russia (2008-2011) Russian Cup winner (2009 – 2011), finalist of the First World Martial Arts Games (2010) In professional boxing debut in 2009 CHAMPION AVAILABLE FOR WMC professionals (2011)