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MM-kisoihin saapuu lisää VIP-vieraita, mutta arvatkaa ketä? Chuck Norris ja Jean Claude Van Damme!!! Uutisessa pitäisi lukea, että thainyrkkeilyn MM-kisat saapuvat Chuck Norriksen vieraaksi, eikä toistepäin.

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Van Damme, Chuck Norris To Attend Thai Boxing Card
Posted by: Random Hits on 8/15/2012 .

Moscow – Hollywood action movie stars Chuck Norris and Jean Claude Van Damme will visit the Thai boxing world championship in St. Petersburg, the event organizer said.

The 2012 IFMA World Championship will take place Sep 6-13 and is expected to be attended by over 2,000 athletes, coaches and officials from 100 countries.

“This is the first time the championship will be held in Russia,” said Dmitry Putilin, president of the Russian Muaythai Federation.

The championship is also the official test event for the 2013 World Combat Games, organised by Sport Accord, under patronage of the IOC.

Russia will be represented by Artem the Lion Levin, current WMC Intercontinental and EMF European Muay Thai champion.