Vs: Re: 6. – 13.9.2012 IFMA MM-kilpailut Pietari, Venäjä

Uutiset Foorumit Kilpailutoiminta Kilpailut 6. – 13.9.2012 IFMA MM-kilpailut Pietari, Venäjä Vs: Re: 6. – 13.9.2012 IFMA MM-kilpailut Pietari, Venäjä




Kisasivuilta löytyi tietoja, ettei Venäjän miesten maajoukkueen kokoonpano ole täysin selvillä.

Athletes of the Russian national Thai boxing conduct final training camp in preparation for the World Cup home.
From August 20 to September 5, members of the Russian national team in Thai boxing (1 and 2 class), led by the head coach of Russia Vitaly ZTR Ilyin hold third final stage of preparation for the home World Cup to be held in St. Petersburg 6 on September 13. Collection will take place on the famous training ground teams of Russia “Round Lake”.
The composition of the Russian team at UTS in preparation for the World Championship Muay Thai (20.08 – 05.09.2012, On. Circular).
Men’s Team (1 class):
45 kg Salavatov Adbulkerim Dagestan
48 kg Usoyan Ali Yekaterinburg
51 kg Stanislav Gavrilov Kemerovo
54 kg Daniil Gavrilov Kemerovo
57 kg Abramov Kemerovo
60 kg Khaibulaev Ahmed Dagestan
63.5 kg Abdusalamov Zaur Dagestan
67 kg Alexei Ulyanov Kemerovo
71 kg Zaynalabid Magomedov Dagestan
75 kg Khuzin Constantine Kemerovo
81 kg Artem Levin Kemerovo
86 kg Vakhitov Artem Kemerovo
91 kg Pentka Ivan Nizhny Novgorod
+91 kg Shelepov Semen Kemerovo
Men’s Team (2 class):
45 kg Arslanov Magomedsaid Moscow
48 kg Lobster Arsene Dagestan
51 kg Bayramov Ajdar Dagestan
54 kg Stallions Basil Kemerovo
57 kg Tuzovskiy Cyril Kemerovo
60 kg Aygubov Khochbar Dagestan
63.5 kg Khromov Andrew Kemerovo
67 kg Dzhaniev Khayal Chelyabinsk
71kg Davtyan Eureka Kemerovo
75 kg Valentin Semyonov Kemerovo
81 kg Maghakyan Surik
Lyrschikov Eugene
86 kg Kalmynin Yuri Moscow
91 kg Vezhevatov Alexander
Andrew Tofr
Nizhny Novgorod
+91 kg Hajiyev Nadir Dagestan

The team will be trained and the leading men of the national team – the captain of the Russian national Thai boxing Artem Levin (w / c 81 kg Prokopyevsk), Honored Master of Sports of Russia, a multiple world and European champion in Thai boxing, the winner of the first World Martial Arts Games ( 2010), Russian champion in Thai boxing. Artem Vakhitov (v/k86 kg Prokopyevsk) – Honored Master of Sports of Russia, two-time world champion, four-time European champion, a finalist in the first World Martial Arts Games (2010), Russian champion in Thai boxing (2008 – 2011).
During this final collection tayboksery sparring exercises will work on the feet, apparatus, equipment in sparring, would work in the clinch. In addition, there will be training in the pool.
As a result of fusion based on the “Round Lake” (from August 20 to September 5), the coaching staff will be approved the final list of men’s national team, which will go to a home World Cup in Thai boxing.
For your information:
For the first time in the history of Muay Thai Russia will host country World Cup. This great sporting event will be held from 6 to 13 September 2012 in. St. Petersburg (SC “Jubilee”). It is planned over 1000 taybokserov from more than 100 countries. Event of this magnitude will cause a huge surge of Thai boxing in Russia. World Championship Muay Thai will be a test prior to the Second World Martial Arts Games in 2013 in St. Petersburg.