Vs: Re: 6. – 13.9.2012 IFMA MM-kilpailut Pietari, Venäjä

Uutiset Foorumit Kilpailutoiminta Kilpailut 6. – 13.9.2012 IFMA MM-kilpailut Pietari, Venäjä Vs: Re: 6. – 13.9.2012 IFMA MM-kilpailut Pietari, Venäjä




MM-kilpailut käydään massiivisella neuvostoajan urheiluareenalla, Yubileyny Sports Palace:ssa.

Yubileyny areenan mainoksesta käy ilmi, että paikalla ovat myös Vip-vieraat Ernesto Hoost, Peter Arts ja Branko Cikatić. Turnaukseen osallistuu myös väkivahva Kanadan Simon Marcus, joka nähdään 81-kilon sarjassa.

World Championship Muay Thai 2012
6 – 13 September 2012 14:00 (opening at 19:00)

World Championship Muay Thai in 2012 in St. Petersburg

Thai Boxing, Muaythai, or – one of the most ancient and spectacular martial arts world. In today’s Muaythai can strike with fists, feet, shins, elbows and knees, making the combat as close as possible to a real fight.

From 6 to 13 September in St Petersburg in the arena of SC “Jubilee” World Championship Muay Thai. Russia will host the first such large-scale competitions for Muaythai, and you have a unique chance to witness the battle of the best fighters in the world.

The championship will be attended by approximately 1,500 athletes from 100 countries. Competitions are held in 13 weight in the four age categories for men and women. Stars come out to the ring a world scale: 5-time world champion, five-time European champion Artem Levin (Russia) , two-time world champion, two-time European champion Vakhitov Artem (Russia), world champion Andrew Kulebin (Belarus), winner of the World Games of Martial Arts, Simon Marcus (Canada), 10-time World Champion Valentina Shevchenko (Peru) and many others

Championship as honored guests to visit the legendary K-1 fighters, Peter Arts, Ernesto Hoost and Branko Sinatich.

September 6 will be held at 19.00 the opening ceremony, which includes: a parade of participants, theatrical performance, as well as the performance of pop stars.

From 7 to 12 September will be the main part of the competition – three rings with a 14.00 daily will serve 90 pairs taybokserov.

September 13 will begin at 16.00 final fights, and then held the awards ceremony and closing of the World Cup.

Do not miss the highlight of this year in the martial arts world!

Season ticket entitles you to visit all the days of the event. Subscription includes eight applications for each number: the event is carried out on a loan application.

Selling tickets is only at the central office Kassir.RU the case of the delivery.