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MM-kisoihin osallistujien yläikäraja on nykyään 35 vuotta (tai näköjään pitävät siitä kiinni).

Anything on Canada’s Sandra Bastian? I’ve heard she will instead be fighting on the King’s Birthday?

I thought she was DQ for age restrictions? Is this true? I don’t know many of the details..

Age limit is 35 for the tournament. Sandra is…..well….let’s say…not 35 anymore. She has fought in the tournament for 6 years, sent her registration in (complete with her date of birth) and was not told until she got there that should not be allowed to compete. It is my understanding they are trying to book her a fight outside of the IFMA event.

from http://www.mikemiles.com:

Sandra Bastian has been taken out of the IFMA World Championships tournament and instead finds herself fighting at the King’s Birthday event. The event will take place on the 5th of December. Over 100,000 people will attend. Sandra finds herself taking two big steps up. The first is the fact that she fights Switzerland’s Carmen Hesse. The experienced Swiss athlete weighs in at 63.5 kg which is 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs) above what Sandra usually fights at. The second is that the fight is for a WMC MuayThai Against Drugs Title. Sandra will give Canada her best.