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Dear friends,
I am sending you the information about the competitions „the EUROPEAN MUAYTHAI CLUBS CUP 2011” in Liepaja http://www.liepaja.lv/page/22(Latvia) from July, 29 till July, 31th.

In 2009 in Liepaja (Latvia) has taken place the European Championship on Muaythai by IFMA rules. The Latvian federation of Muaythai was the organizer of this European Championship. Many participants have remembered the European Championship in Liepaja, as well organized sports event. Many of you spoke about carrying out the regular competitions in this city. We suggest you to visit the remarkable city – Liepaja again.
And to become participants of the „the EUROPEAN MUAYTHAI CLUBS CUP 2011” from July, 29 till July, 31th, 2011

Carrying out regular International competitions in Latvia corresponds for many positive moments:
– Latvia’s convenient territorial arrangement helps to save considerable money for journey to a place of competitions for many countries, which will take part in the competitions. Latvia borders with Russian Federation and with Byelorussia (which are World’s leaders of Muaythai and is a member of the European Union);
– Organizers positive experience in carrying out the International competitions;
– Intermediate competitions quantity’s development for sportsmen’s skill increasing;
– European Federation of Muaythai coordination work’s improvement with national teams and with European Federation of Muaythai members;
– Strengthening and development of basic principles of the Olympic movement.

Visa: Latvia is a member of the European Union, so it is included into the Schengen visa zone.
Venue: The Championship will take place in the Olympic center in Liepaja. The information about the Olympic center, you can find in the internet: http://www.loc.lv/?lang=en
Arrival: It is more convenient to choose the following route: firstly come to Riga, and then come to Liepaja by bus. (Information here – http://www.liepaja.lv/page/22 ). Delegations can arrive to Riga by plane, by bus or by train. The Riga Airport is about fifteen-minute drive from the city centre. The bus terminal and railway station are in the city centre. We can consult you and whenever possible we will support you.
There is a regular coach from the Riga Bus terminal to Liepaja; the ticket costs about 10 euro. The distance between Riga and Liepaja is 220 km. It takes about 3.5 hours to come from Riga to Liepaja.
We will support and help you with commands’ arrival to a championship’s venue. For this purpose we will need the exact information about number of persons who will come from your country, time of arrival and transport on which delegations will arrive to Riga. In this case we can solve all questions with your delivery and fare.
Accommodation: For participants is reserved hotel “JURA” in Liepaja. The price is approximately 25 euro per day. (including breakfast). Later we will inform you about prices on dinner and supper. The hotel is conveniently located in the city center. It will take you 20 minutes long walking from hotel to the place of competitions.

Important dates!!!
 Arrival and accommodating – 28 of July
 Opening Ceremony – 29 of July
 Finals and Closing Ceremony – 31 of July
 Departure – 31of July/01 august

Contact information
 Russian (+371) 29 55 59 69 – Vasiliy Fleisher
 English (+371) 27 02 85 20 – Nata Karimova

e-mail: fleisher.v@gmail.com

We will do our best to make your arrival on competitions convenient, as much as possible. Ask questions which interested you, we will be glad to help you.
Yours faithfully,
Vasiliy Fleisher, the President of Latvian Muaythai Federation.