14.4.2012 Epic 5 Instinct, Australia (Anna Willberg MM!)

Uutiset Foorumit Kilpailutoiminta Kilpailut 14.4.2012 Epic 5 Instinct, Australia (Anna Willberg MM!)

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    Lähde: http://www.fightmag.net/?p=16201

    Epic 5 Instinct Muay Thai Perth, April 14 (Fight Card)

    On Saturday April 14 EPIC Muay Thai Promotions will hold the next tournament at Craigie Leisure Centre in Perth featuring some of the best Australian athletes in state and national bouts along with the World female muaythai title challenge between Australia’s best female fighter Caley Reece and Anna Willberg from Finland.

    The show will feature Aussie Flip Street of JWP’s Boonchu Gym will take on Jak 300 from Thailand. Ruan DuPlessis will challenge national belt, along with Kim Olsen, Wes Capper on the card.

    Beau St Quentin will face James MACCA McCorry in a rematch fight and new WKN Australian champion Tim Morrison will fight Roy Wills.

    * Danial Mini T Williams will fight Zac Einersen who he has previously defeated by TKO on February 11.


    Kim Olsen (Australia) vs Yasothorn (Thailand) 76kg

    Pinpet (Jak 300 Predator) vs Flip Street (Boonchu) 61.5kg

    Caley Reece (Australia) vs Anna Willberg

    Wes Capper (Mach 1) vs Faizal Ramli (Malaysian Tigers) 70kg

    Ruan DuPlessis (Riddlers) vs Jun Lee (Boonchu) 72.5kg

    Harald Olsen (Olsens) vs Lachlan Stewart (Taipan) 80kg

    Beau St Quentin (Riddlers) vs James McCorry (The Pit) 64kg

    Zac Einersen (Country M.T) vs Daniel Williams (Kao Sok)

    Tim Morrison (Riddlers) vs Roy Wills (The Pit) 62kg

    Alex Job (Henrys Gym) vs Chris Watt (Ellenbrook) 70kg

    Brady Paull (Seldys) v Sam Drake 73kg

    David Truong (Olsens) vs Anthony Papazafiropolous (Boonchu) 50kg

    Chris Daniel (Kao Sok) vs Jimmy McAllister (Riddlers) 67kg

    Dina Sokal (Predator) vs Sukkwan Tang (Seldys) 56kg

    Date: Saturday, April 14, 2012
    Venure: Craigie Leisure Centre
    Tickets call: 0415 122 856


    Big news just confirmed for the show. After Cales missed out on the proposed WMC World Title fight in Thailand last month due to her opponent pulling out, we are now happy to announce that she will now be fighting Anna Willberg from Finland for the title. Anna is 55 fights 45 wins and has won about ten European titles including IFMA Gold Medals.
    Anna is a highly credible opponent, being one of the 8 girls selected to compete in the 2010 Sport Accord Games in Beijing.
    We look forward to seeing a great fight between the two experienced girls
    Im proud to say Cales is never afraid to fight the best and most experienced girls around to make these titles worthy.

    Tickets are now on sale. 0415 122 856




    Oiiiiii!!! Ei muutaku voitto himpeen…




    Video Annan vastustajasta:

    Tietojeni mukaan Anna lähtee tuon matsin jälkeen suoraan EM-kisoihin Turkkiin. Ei jää montaa päivää väliin… :getonbaby




    Vähäniemi on otellut tota valmentaja Darrenia vastaan, joka pyörittää Riddler gymiä.

    Lähde: http://www.fightmag.net/?p=16275

    Caley Reece: We are not allowed Thai Boxing talk on Sundays

    Australia’s best female muay thai fighter Caley Reece who recently fought in Thailand, taking a fight on a short notice, in front of the IOC to help Muay Thai gain recognition into the Olympic games, spoken to Fightmag.net about her achievements, present and future plans.

    Prior the fight Caley quoted: ‘This is such an honour and I’m so proud to represent Australia in this historical event. ‘

    Her opponent was Magdalena Rak from Poland who is a young and busy fighter with great technique in all her weapons. She has great boxing skills also and fights very much on the front foot.

    Though Caley took points decision and quoted: ‘Had a great fight against Magdalena Rak from Poland and won on points. Was good to fight a westerner again. Now for EPIC….. 10 DAYS! What?? Really no more choc milk?‘

    Fightmag.net: When did you start muay thai and what was your motivation ?
    Caley Reece: I initially started muay Thai to keep fit, lose weight and from the beginning i fell in love with the sport. It has helped me grow mentally and physically as a person. After my first fight I was hooked and realized that I wanted to set some goals, some big ones , at becoming the best fighter i could possibly be .

    Fightmag.net: What is your fight record so far ?
    Caley Reece: My fight record is 45 fights 40 wins 5 losses.

    Fightmag.net: What was your hardest fight ?
    Caley Reece: My hardest fight was probably Valentina Schevchenko from Russia. Not hardest as in work rate. Hardest because she is so tricky, skillful and a southpaw. I fought her in the final at the sport accord games after beating Morocco and Belarus in hard fights!!

    Fightmag.net: What is the most memorized in your fighting career ?
    Caley Reece: My most memorable moment was winning the World title at 57 kg. I’m Also fighting for the 58.9 World title on 14th April at Epic 5 in Perth, so even thought this has not been fought for yet, this is pretty special for me being able to have the chance to win the two females titles in two different weight divisions, as I don’t think it’s been done before.

    Fightmag.net: Tell us about your next challenge and opponent ?
    Caley Reece: My fight next weekend is Anna Willberg from Finland who is 55 fights, 45 wins and holds ten different European titles from 59 -67kg so I look forward to the challenge of fighting up a division .

    Fightmag.net: Where do you train and getting ready for this fight ?
    Caley Reece: I train out of Riddler’s gym in Perth, Western Australia under Darren Reece. When I go to Thailand , I train from Sinbi muay Thai in Phuket. I have a great trainer there who looks after me so well, so I’m extremely grateful to have a great gym away from home.

    Fightmag.net: What is your occupation apart of fighting ?
    Caley Reece: I gave up full time work two years ago so I could concentrate a lot more in fighting and training. I’m very fortunate that my husband has a very successful gym and we promote big shows together which I do a lot of the behind the scene work for in between training. It can be hard because I am surrounded in muay Thai 24/7 so I have to learn to switch off from it when the time permits. Ie: we are not allowed Thai Boxing talk on Sundays !!! I am going to university when I finish fighting to study psychology so I’m looking forward to doing something completely different.

    Fightmag.net: What are your goals and plans for the future ?
    Caley Reece: My goals have nearly been fulfilled. I am defending my 57kg title very soon and heading to Thailand for a month again. Depending on whether I win the 58.9kg title in Perth, I would like to defend that and then I think I will be happy in my achievements enough to call it a day! Then off to uni I go. And maybe a baby along the way also!





    Aikamoin vysiikka tytöl.

    Mutta go Anna Go, kuudes tappio vastustajalle!










    Caley won upd in a tough match

    ilmeisesti tuli pistetappio?




    Lähde: http://thesportsvault.com.au/index.php/athlete-interviews/252-athletes/fighters/caley-reece/589-caley-reece-post-world-title-fight

    Caley Reece – Post World Title Fight

    Matt: Another World Title to add to your collection, congrats on the win, you will have to get a bigger trophy cabinet now?
    Caley: Thanks Matt and The Sports Vault! Yeh I’m stoked to have won my second WMC World Title in another weight division. After I won the first one, I needed to make some new goals that would keep me motivated so fighting up a division was my decision and challenge to really test myself.

    Matt: You fought up a weight division and against a fighter, who normally fights up another division again, after the fight you said you felt like you had been in the ring with Mike Tyson, take us through the fight?
    Caley: Yes Anna usually fights between 60 – 63.5 and has fought up to 67kg before. We have been in an 8 woman tournament together which was set at 60kg but never ended up meeting in it to fight so I knew she could make the weight and qualified to fight for the title. Anna is probably the strongest girl Ive ever fought. Those couple of kilograms up, i really noticed. She was big and had good range on her. I’m usually very strong in the clinch but she was equally, if not “felt” stronger, whether she was or whether im just used to feeling stronger, im not sure, but it was so good to fight someone of that calibre and strength. When we faced off in centre ring, i looked at her, she looked tall and staunch, and i knew i was in for a war!

    Matt: The fight went the distance and you won via decision did you have a sense at all that you were winning the fight?
    Caley: I only fought 10 days ago against a girl from Poland, and during the fight she cracked my nose which i had cracked another two times accidentally during training before Anna so the first two rounds i was actually really hesitant. As much as i tried not to think about my nose, i couldn’t help but worry about it a little. I know i lost the first round. I think i was overwhelmed by the strength of Anna . Second round was a little more even as I started to devise a game plan and change my strategy. Clinching is usually my forte but i backed off on looking for it and kept it at range for a while. Third , Fourth and Fifth i think my work rate clocked up the points and I landed some good kicks and doubled up on my knees in the clinch. I knew the fight was close but I thought i had done enough to secure the win.

    Matt: You said before the fight that you both have similar styles did Anna fight the way you were expecting her to?
    Caley: Yeh she fought very similar to the way I was expecting. It was the strength and size difference that made it a little bit harder than usual but I liked the challenge.

    Matt: What did you learn about yourself in this fight?
    Caley: I learned quite a bit about myself in this fight. I think a lot of fighters can go either way in a fight if they are getting beaten. The end of the first round, I knew she was on top of me. She was landing good kicks, good knees and was strong. That could have spiralled me downhill and I could have continued to lose. At the end of the first round I had a decision to make and that was to change my strategy very quickly and execute it which ive never had to do before.

    Matt: How did you pull up after the bout?
    Caley: I’m ok, just the general sore spots although I hurt my neck quite badly after falling in a weird position on the ropes which after the fight, I could barely move but ive looked after it and got some treatment already and its coming good already. Ill be training again in a few days.

    Matt: Does it take you long to adjust to a fighters style and change your tactics if the fight is different to what you have expected?
    Caley: As i said before, you have to be quick and smart to be aware that something is not working and have the ability to come up with a new strategy and keep positive enough to execute it. My game plan was not working in the first round, whether it was because i was hesitant to go forward too early because of my broken nose, i don’t know, but after round one in the corner we had to come up with something new very quickly and i had to trust myself to be able to go out and do it.

    Matt: What goes through your head when your music is pumping and you are walking out from back stage to the ring?
    Caley: I keep my mind clear. I appreciate the crowd but i don’t let it psyche me or pump me up. I like to feel balanced and as calm as I can.

    Matt: Would you fight in that weight division again?
    Caley: Yes i will fight in this weight division again. It opens up a whole new lot of people to fight. Im hoping to fight a well known English girl in June but just waiting on confirmation from her trainer. She is an excellent fighter and someone that people will think will be an awesome fight.

    Matt: What is next for the WMC World Title holder?
    Caley: Id like to defend my 57kg title which I will be doing very soon. Im off to Thailand next month to fight. Then i have EPIC in June. Then I’m off to Europe and have a possible fight when i get back in September. Then I’m off to Thailand again for a quick trip and then EPIC in October. I will then see where I’m at then

    Thanks so much Matt – your support has been awesome.

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