25.09.2003 WMC title fight night- Bangkok

Uutiset Foorumit Kilpailutoiminta Kilpailut 25.09.2003 WMC title fight night- Bangkok

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    WMC TITLE FIGHT NIGHT – 25.09.03 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    A capacity crowd thronged Rajadamnern Stadium for an action-packed night of fights, the Main event being the WMC World Champion bout at 130 Lbs. This was a thrilling battle between Wanchai Meenayothin, defending Champion and Sgaothong Petchnongnuch

    In a great line-up by the WMC promoter Songchai Ratanasbusan, the night kicked off with Saifon maw. Achalabun ( ranked No. 9 WMC ) 51kgs Vs Wanmainoi Petchnongnuch.( ranked No. 10 WMC) This fight started slowly as the boxers took each others measure, but in the 3rd round with the crowd urging them on, things began to heat up. Both fighters moved in for the grapple with Wanmainoi showing the greater skill and throwing Saifon to the canvas on 2 occasions. In the 4th round, Saifon fought back hard with punches and head-kick combinations. This seemed to be working for him and he edged the points closer again. However, the 5th round showed Wanmainio’s experience ( 142 fights against Saifon’s 86) and he moved about the ring guarding his head and striking with body-kicks and moving into the grapple whenever he could.

    A closely fought bout with Wanmainoi taking it on a slender margin of 49-48 from the 3 judges.
    Next up at 52kgs was Chongsanan Kiatyongyut who faced M 16 (Toyota Rayong) Sandech Gym. ( ranked No. 7 WMC) This is the second time that these fighters have met and was eagerly anticipated by the crowd as the last time was a very unsatisfactory draw.

    During the 1st round Chongsanan looked stronger than M16 but he came forward more in the 2nd, throwing some great kick combinations – head and body to keep
    M 16 kept moving around. He fought back ferociously with both fighters seeming to give all they had – already ! in the 3rd, M16 came forward like a bullet and come close to ending it all with 3 beautiful head-kicks but none of them could find the final spot.

    The 4th round was a great display of technique from both fighters with kicks and blocks being used at an unbelievable rate. M16 took the round on the grapple as he seemed able to turn Chongsanan at ease.
    In the 5th Chongsanan tried to fight back, tried to claw back the points difference but exhaustion had reduced his effectiveness and it was to no avail.

    So, in the end, M 16 won over Chongsanan with score 49-47 and 49-48 from two judges.
    Highlight of the night was the exciting WMC World Championship bout between Wanchai Meenayothin, defending Champion and Sgaothong Petchnongnuch. Both being highly experienced fighters, the first 2 rounds were slow and more technical than powerful. In the 2nd round Sgaothong moved forward, using jabs and bodykicks to try and break Wanchai’s guard. Wnaachai was happy to let him take the momentum and fought a classic Counter-attacker’s round. But, right at the end of the round, he took a powerful right-hand to the stomach and almost fell – saved by the bell !

    Now, with the bets flying and the amounts rising, Wanchai takes the fight to Sgaothong moving swiftly from kicks to the grapple. Sgaothong’s footwork was faultless and he began to make the Champion look heavy-footed as he danced around the ring. Then, with perfect timing as Wanchai seemed to tire, he moved in with a 7-punch combination that left Wanachai reeling but not yet down.

    Amazingly in the 4th round Wanchai came out strongly again, moving straight into the grapple but Sgaothong was at home here too – they grappled hard for about a minute with some ferocious knees going in. The crowd surged to the feet, people clapping and banging on the advertising boards in time to the movement in the ring. As the tempo heated up, Wanchai lowered his guard for an instant – that was all it took and Sgaothong’s right elbow flew in to claim the title on a Knock-out.

    Sgaothong Petchnongnuch, the new WMC 130lbs World Champion.
    After that excitement, the final bout this reporter saw was a heavy one between Kongbeng Saw. Skulpan at 81kgs and Thaweechai A. Smai. While this might not seem heavy to the foreigners watching, the power displayed here seems even greater in comparison to what went before.

    In the first round, both worked on the outside – heavy shin kicks which made the crowd wince in sympathy ! When they came out again, Thaweechai went straight into the grapple but although holding very well , couldn’t land any knees and the refree parted them. He then stuck to defense while Kongbeng punched and kicked – claiming some great head-kicks.

    Thaweechai, shouted at loudly by his corner, came out strongly for the 3rd but was again closed down in the grapple. In the 4th , Thaweechai kept moving forward but not so good because he had been grappled and kneed when he got closer to Kongbeng. Then Kongbeng turned him to the ground.
    5th Even though Thaweechai tried so hard to come near Kongbeng but only Kongbeng’s chin can stop his approaching. It seems like easy fight for Kongbeng.

    At the end of the fight Kongbeng won over Thaweechai with score 50-46 and 50-47.

    The crowd streamed out, bikes, cars and buses jam-packed with happy MuayThai fans. A great night and a fitting new WMC Champion. Anticipation already building for when Khem Sor Plonchit will defend his 53 kgs title.


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