25.2.2012 Battle in the Desert 5, Las Vegas

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    Put your money where your mouth is!

    Simon Marcus ja Joe Schilling aukoivat sen verran päätä toisilleen, että he laittavat ottelupalkkiot yhteen läjään ja voittaja vie kaiken. Taattu sotamatsi tiedossa!

    Lähde: http://www.muaythaiauthority.com/2012/02/nsac-approves-winner-take-all-scenario.html

    NSAC approves winner take all scenario for Joe Schilling vs. Simon Marcus at Lion Fight Promotions “Battle in the Desert 5”

    You here fighters talking all the time, most of the time it’s just hot air. Let it be known that Joe Schilling and Simon Marcus are not those type of fighters. The phrase “put your money where you mouth is” is expected to be in full effect at Lion Fight Promotions “Battle in the Desert 5” when Joe Schilling and Simon Marcus step into the ring. What first started as on-line jawing between the two has now turned their fight into a winner take all. All thought it has not been officially announced, Muay Thai Authority has been informed by very reliable sources that the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) has approved the winner take all scenario and that both fighters have agreed as well. This will be the first time that any fight promotion will feature a winner take all fight.

    The talks started when in an interview with TotalMuayThai.com Simon Marcus stated “Schilling say your prayer’s because on Feb/25/12 you will be exposed. And if you were a real champ you would put your belt on the line.” The battle then hit facebook when Simon Marcus responded to a Joe Schilling interview by saying “Since Joe is sooo confident, Let him know I’m down to put my whole purse up on this one…. Winner takes all…!!! Put your money$$ were your big Dead mouth is!” In true Joe Schilling fashion he
    responded with the following “Just talked to the promoter. You know your better off taking your purse to the sports book and betting on me but if you want to go back to Canada broke and broken thats fine with me. You a pop tart sweetheart you soft in the middle. I’ll match your purse. Your on!!!”

    You have to give kudos not only to Joe Schilling and Simon Marcus for backing up their talk, but to Scott Kent and Lion Fight Promotions for stepping up to the plate and not letting this simply go down as a bunch of irrelevant internet banter. The fight between Schilling and Marcus is already highly anticipated by fans and the interest is expected to increase now that it is winner take all.

    All of the action will be going down February 25th at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. As soon as Muay Thai Authority can get an official announcement from Lion Fight Promotions we will let everyone know.







    uskoisin ettei Simonin ja Schillingin matsista tuu tylsää ku häviäjälle tulee korkeintaan tikkaus-reissu 😆




    Simon Marcuksen puhelinhaastis.

    “see you on the 25th when i take your money”










    Kova hypetys on ainakin ollut matsilla. Schilling on kova poika soittaa suutaan ja lupaa “vicious KO in 1st round”. Samaan syssyyn haastaa Levinit ja kaikki. Joopajoo, eipä ole kaveri ainakaan mua vakuuttanut – Marcus vie ja Joe vikisee mitä pidemmälle matsi menee.

    Kuvia Open Workoutista:








    Jenkki-ammattilaiset kertovat mielipiteensä ottelusta. Oman maan mies vie heidän mielestä.

    Lähde: http://www.muaythaiauthority.com/2012/02/pros-pick-joe-schilling-vs-simon-marcus.html

    Pros Pick: Joe Schilling vs. Simon Marcus

    With all the buzz around the Joe Schilling vs. Simon Marcus fight that will be taking place this weekend at Lion Fight Promotions “Battle in the Desert 5” in Las Vegas, we decided to ask the pros what they think. We asked 24 North American fighters/trainers to give us their thoughts on the upcoming fight and give us their prediction. Schilling is the favorite amongst the pros, an not many are picking this fight to go the distance.

    For those that are unaware, the bout has officially been made a winner take all. Some trash talk on-line led to both fighters putting up their purses. The winner taking home a nice check with the loser going home with only one dollar. Enjoy the pros picks.

    Kirian Fitzgibbons:
    OK. As one of the only people here in the States to actually see Simon fight 1st hand multiple times (I’ve seen him fight in the 2008 World Championships, 2009 Kings Cup, 2010 Sport Accord, 2011 MPL, etc). I can say he is a fantastic Champion and a credit to the high level of Muaythai in Canada and when he wears his chain he looks like Quinton Jackson at least that’s what he tells the chicks in Thailand ;). If he were fighting someone other then Joe Schilling, I would be rooting for him, but (outside of being a friend) Joe is a scary dude and having seen Simon lose fights to “pressure” fighters…nobody puts more “pressure” then Joe Schilling. Simon excels at a “Thai Style Fight and Thai Style Pace”…but that’s not what he’s walking into on the 25th, on the 25th he’s walking into a Dark Alley with a VERY BAD MAN and I don’t think he’s coming out. Prediction: Joe Schilling via “Face Punching and Elbow Raping”!

    Kevin Ross:
    Honestly the fans are the ones who are going to win regardless of the outcome. No matter what it will be exciting. I feel if Joe can jump on him right away and keep the pressure on, as he always does, then things will go his way but Simon is a very technical/crafty/experienced fighter who knows how to play the game so it’s just a matter of who can impose their game plan. You’re not going to want to miss this one!

    Ken Tran:
    I think Joe Schilling will win because of his relentless style. I don’t think Simon has had to deal with such an aggressive style before never mind from a guy that has a chip on his shoulder and really wants to put you out.

    Luis Bio:
    This will be a very interesting fight to watch! Both fighters are big and pack a lot of power. I’ve only seen Simon fight once, this was on the MPL show; he is a slow starter with traditional Thai style and very clean technique but I feel Schilling’s aggressiveness and pace will bring him a lot of trouble. I have Joe winning by TKO on the 2nd round.

    Kru Paul Minhas:
    It’s difficult to predict this one as Simon is very technical & powerful and is trained by one of the best Muay Thai Trainers Suchart Yodkerepauprai and Joe Schilling is also very skilled and also from an amazing Camp. I prefer Simon’s style personally and feel he will come out on top. Shilling may also catch Simon with a punch but I think if it goes in the later rounds Simon and the early rounds Schilling.

    Cyrus Washington:
    I think Joe Schilling has a very big advantage besides his obvious height and size advantage but he’s always in good shape and very aggressive. There is a such thing as too aggressive and if Simon can find an opening during Joe’s attacking then that’s a way to exploit his aggressive style but I pick Joe even though it’s more or close to 50/50.

    Chris Kwiatkowski:
    I have not seen Joe Shilling fight, but from what I read, he uses his height (reach) & cracks pretty hard. I have had the opportunity to see Simon fight numerous times, & his technique is very good & he has great athleticism. I think the fight is going to be a close fight, with it going the distance. I think that Simon avoids the KO & takes the decision with his athleticism & technique.

    Jose Palacios:
    Well Marcus is a physical strong, good technique and has power, but I’m not sure if he has fought someone like Schilling. This guy is fast, furious, hits with his soul it seems like and he also has size. Styles make fights. I think this is going to be a fun fight to watch, both very confident, but I gotta go for Schilling. I think he has the edge with size, speed and aggression.

    Chaz Mulkey:
    Come on man, Joe all the way! I think Joe’s gonna overwhelm him in the beginning and if Marcus can go the distance I still think Joe will have the upper hand but I wont say how or why, I dont wanna give away any game plans.

    David Huey:
    My previous career for 30 years was in the media business. I shot more than 1000 commercials which included promos for HBO with Mike Tyson, Ray Leonard and Roger Mayweather. Every spot we did, we always looked for an angle. Now we have Joe Schilling and Simon Marcus, two of the best in North America if not the World. Commentating for fights during the past four years, I too look for an angle, a story, a personality for the sport. Joe and Simon have given the sport of Muay Thai a face and personality. Some people call it Trash Talk, but I call it confidence. Coupled with the fact these fighters are at the top of their game and still climbing, there is no excuse of “oh well, he didn’t train”, nor “oh he’s no longer in his prime”, “he’s injured from two weeks ago”, blah, blah, blah. This is why I think this fight is the most important fight that will change Muay Thai in the public eye. Because they are charismatic and outspoken, this fight will help crossover to new fans that are not practicing Muay Thai. “Mike the Mailman” and “Pete the Plumber” who don’t practice Muay Thai but have been watching UFC will gravitate to a persona and will pick a side. Because I am American and because I have traveled around the world working fights, I have been disrespected by foreign fighters, and because I know Joe, I want Joe to win, to put America higher on the Muay Thai map. But I can easily see the fight going as such: Joe throwing power shots to kill for the first two rounds. Third round TOTAL WAR. Rounds Four and five smartly fought by Simon. And because I don’t have 100% confidence in the judging by a Boxing town, I can see this being scored as a draw… and the rematch will be OFF THE ROOF and Muay Thai in America will EXPLODE. I say this because I know there are many “financial eyes” looking at the sport of Muay Thai in Vegas. If there is a for sure winner, it will be the fans that see this live.

    Kru Ray Cole:
    It’s hard for me to say really. I’ve only seen Joe fight 2 times and I’ve never seen Simon Marcus fight. All I know for sure is, with a winner take all contract with both undefeated, will definitely be an exciting fight. It’s a coin toss.

    Bryce Krause:
    Prior to the announcement I hadn’t heard of Simon Marcus other than his MPL fight. . Now after learning about him it appears to me there is gonna be an exciting fight taking place on the 25th. Can’t wait to watch it! Let’s go Joe!

    Artem Sharoshkin:
    Going with Joe first round KO. I was not impressed with Simon’s performance against Artem. I had a chance to fight on a few fight cards with Joe and all I can say is that he is one mean dude on top of that over the last year or so his technique has gotten only better which makes him a very dangerous opponent!

    Nate Smandych:
    I have to give the nod to my boy Simon Marcus!! His tenacity and hunger to win will get him just that!! Represent Canada proud like you always do! Chok dee Nasty Nate.

    Scotty Leffler:
    Joe Schilling for sure! Cause he is so damn MEAN!

    Michael Corley:
    Joe TKO 2 Joes hungry and always brings it. It may be a toss up if it gets out of the second round, but I dont see that happening. Respect to both guys for putting up the purses.

    Rudi Ott:
    I think this a great fight! Great contrast in styles! I think it’s a great test for both men. Simon is more technical with more experience but I Joe’s confidence and determination will be the difference. I’ll take Schilling for the win!

    Matt Embree:
    I think Simon is going to win. Simon is going to be too skilled for Joe. He has a lot more experience and has fought some of the best fighters in the world, fought against bigger, stronger, more experienced guys and always came out on top. He’s been in deep waters before, and he will grind his way to victory by any means. Simon by ko/tko.

    Ognjen Topic:
    This is a very tough fight to call. Both fighters are very determined to win especially with their purses on the line. That being said, anything can happen. I haven’t seen too many fights from either fighter but I know Joe starts out fast and Simon starts slow. I think Joe has a chance to win early while Simon has a chance of winning in the later part of the fight. I’m just excited to see a good mach and I do think this fight will end in a KO/TKO.

    Josh Palmer:
    I think they are both strong fighters, but Simon has much more experience and it shows the way moves and fights, hard and calculated. Joe is not that experienced in my opinion, but he has gotten a lot out of the fights he does have because he is aggressive and wild. But I think he is wild because of his lack of experience. Simon should put him away, but because Joe is unorthodox and wild, he may just catch Simon. It’s an interesting meeting, but I think Simon is the more complete and experienced fighter and will take the win.

    Joseph Valtellini:
    This is a great match up and a difficult one to call. But I’m gonna have to say Simon Marcus. From what I know about Joe, he is going to come out hard and fast, but I think that Simon will be able to use his experience to defend against it and take a decision victory.

    Brandon Banda:
    I don’t no a much about Simon Marcus, but I know a lot about Joe Schilling. I think Joe will win. He is very tough, game, and skilled fighter. He is just too big. His height and long arm’s make it tough. I think its going to be a good fight. Wish I could be there. I see Joe winning by KO. Good luck Joe.

    Joe Davidson:
    In this fight I think Joe Schilling is gonna frustrate Simon with speed and angles. Simon is gonna be most dangerous in the first 2 rounds but as frustration sets in Joe will begin to pull away. As Simon begins to load up and telegraph Joe will be able to control the distance and pick his shots. I Pick Joe Schilling, 4th round TKO via elbow or knee. I also feel that Simon has added extra pressure to himself with the winner take all request. My 2 cents. Thank you.

    Mark Beecher:
    Joe Schilling will win early …. Simon Marcus starts too slow and is too slow … if he can weather the storm he can make it into a fight, but i dont think a lot of people can weather Joe’s storm.

    Pros Picking Joe Schilling: 14
    Pros Picking Simon Marcus: 5
    Pros Picking A Draw: 1
    No Picks: 4




    Laskinko oikein, että lähetys alkaa sunnuntai-aamulla klo 06:00?


    Main Not ready Joe “Stitch em Up” Schilling vs. Simon Marcus
    Co-main Not ready Chaz Mulkey vs. Gregory Choplin
    Undercard Not ready Vivian Leung vs. Tiffany Van Soest
    Undercard Not ready Anthony “Pretty Boy” Castrejon vs. Francisco “Frank” Barragan
    Undercard Not ready Shane Oblonsky vs. Jose Palacios
    Undercard Not ready Josh Shepard vs. Tariq Rahman
    Undercard Not ready “Sugar Cane” Phanuwat “Coke” Chunhawat vs. Matt Embree
    Undercard Not ready Scotty Leffler vs. Sheldon Gaines
    Undercard Not ready Johnny Parsons vs. Beto Rodriguez
    Undercard Not ready Gabriella Lakoczky vs. Miranda Cayabyab
    Undercard Not ready AJ Williams vs. Reuben Fairbanks
    Undercard Not ready Victor Perez vs. Jonathan Del Rosario




    Punnitus on pidetty, huomenaamulla klo 06:00 alkaa suora nettilähetys. Pääottelun ottelupalkkiot on lyöty yhteen läjään, voittaja vie kaiken ja häviäjä saa yhden dollarin.

    Toinen pääottelu.


    Lisää kuvia…




    Lähde: http://www.fighters.com/02/21/joe-schilling-promises-trouble-for-simon-marcus

    Joe Schilling promises trouble for Simon Marcus this weekend at Battle in the Desert 5
    By: Matt Paligaru
    Posted On: February 21, 2012 at 10:00am

    Joe Schilling has built a tidy reputation for himself as both a striker and fighter who has no problem sharing his opinion on any topic. The outspoken Muay Thai fighter is also the current interim WBC Light Heavyweight Champion and will take on the undefeated Simon Marcus this weekend in a fight with an unusual albeit welcome twist.

    For all the hours of hard work, sweat, and dedication each fighter has put into training, only the victor will walk away with a fight purse after both fighters agreed to a winner-take-all clause meaning one of the two will exit the arena with an empty wallet. The fight takes place this Saturday night at Battle in the Desert 5 from Las Vegas.

    Though the stipulation is rare and might appear difficult to ascertain, Schilling told Fighters.com his camp never hit a roadblock in securing the NSAC’s approval.

    “I just told Scott Kent (Owner of Lion Fight Promotions) that I wanted to do it and Simon wanted to do it. He made it happen,” explained Schilling. “I think he said the commission loved the idea. We’d talked about it in the past, but no other fighters had manned up and done it. I’m really excited about it.”

    With so much riding on the line physically, mentally, and financially, Schilling was quick to maintain that his standard “guns blazing” style and plan of attack would not be affected by the unique stipulation.

    “It’s kind of my game plan every fight, so it’s fine with me,” Schilling laughed. “I know good things happen when I throw, and you know? I’m not the kind of guy that wants to wait five rounds to knock you out. I’m confident in my strikes, and my game plan that we have with my coaches. I plan on executing that game plan as soon as possible.”

    The two talented kickboxers have had numerous heated exchanges in the months leading to this fight to the point where it has been evident there is a mutual disdain between both parties. Schilling was quick to offer his thoughts on Marcus, an unbeaten fighter who appears to have little respect for overall as a competitor.

    “The things that Simon Marcus has said just motivate me to train harder,” said Schilling on his adversary. ” I trust in my game plan and my ability. I think Simon is overrated and I think he’s taking me lightly. As far as my emotions go, I do tend to be an emotional fighter, but I think it’s one of my best assets. I don’t want to waste energy or miss opportunities.”

    “I feel confident in the way I’ve prepared, and I feel that Simon Marcus is in a world of trouble,” the confident Schilling concluded.

    If you’re in the Las Vegas area on Saturday, be a part of history by getting a ticket to see Schilling-Marcus for just $21 through Ticketmaster.com or at the box office.






    Fyysisesti taas kovassa kunnossa ollut Simon Marcus otti ilmeisesti kopin ensimmäisen erän alkupuoliskon aikana ja silmän alle kohosi pieni patti. Erän loppupuolella Simon kaatoi Joen, joka löi päänsä kanveesiin niin että oli selvästi sekaisin. Simon ei kauaa epäröinyt vaan löi Joen vasemmalla koukulla kanveesiin. Schilling kömpi ylös kuuntelemaan lukua. Välittömästi tämän jälkeen Simon Marcus potkaisi takajalan pysärillä naamaan, ajautui lähelle ja hyvästeli Schillingin oikealla kyynärpäällä naamaan. Kehätuomari katkaisi ottelun Schillingin yrittäessä selvitellä kanveesilla itseään. Tyytymätön Joe Schilling oli aikaansaada pienen rähinän ottelun jälkeen pystyyn. Tulos: Simon Marcus TKO1 2:50.

    Schillingin ennustus piti paikkansa. “Vicious knock out in the 1st round.”




    Ei ainakaan itseäni yllättävä tulos, miesten vastustajia, meriittejä ja tietenkin taitoja vertaillessa minusta oli selvää, että Simon oli parempi. Toivottavasti saadaan otteluvideo piakkoin ! :sinko





    Näkeekö kukaan antaako Marcus tossa heitossa mitään kyynärpäätä tai polvea? Vai löikö toi spede vain päänsä kanveesiin?

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