27.5.2012 Slamm VII “Holland vs Thailand”

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    Lähde: Slamm Facebookissa. (ja google translatella kökkö käännös)

    Full Muaythai rules with Slamm! tulee takaisin ja menee “takaisin Oldskool” Slamm! VII – “Holland vs Thaimaa” Almeressa on sunnuntai, 27 toukokuuParas Thai taistelijoita tullut Alankomaihin seitsemännen kerran. Full Muaythai “Polvet ja ellbows, kaikki hyvää kamaa.” Pian flyer ja ennen laukaisua ja kokoonpano “Holland vs Thaimaa”. Niille tuttuja Slamm! ja nyt tiedämme, että Slamm! vain parasta Thaimaasta saa, enintään 1 maaliskuuta erikoishintaan 32,50 kortin tapauksessa. Ennakot: Free Record Shop

    Viimeksihän oli mainiot lätinät. Bovy, Sayok, Yodsenklai jne.





    Slamm!! VII “Holland vs Thailand” – 27 may 2011 – Sporthal Stedenwijk, Almere

    On Sunday the 27th of May 2012, Almere will once again become the stage for the new edition of “Holland vs Thailand. After a period of absence this concept will once again return to the Dutch soil. In November 2009 part VI was organised in the Top Sport hall of Almere, were the audience was able to enjoy four top fights, and in addition to this the “Best of Holland” programme. Anuwat Kaewsamrit was not able to conquer the role of audience favorite against the upcoming talents Mootje Khamal and Mosab Amrani, who had a fight against Anuwat one year earlier, surprisingly knocked out Bovy sor Udomsorn in the first round. Finally it all ended in a draw for Thailand. The unapproachable Saiyok Pumphangmuang who fought for the first time on a Slamm!! Event made sure that Warren Stevelmans didn’t have a lot to bring into the fight. One year earlier, during his re-entrée, Fikri Tjarti also had to acknowledge Saiyok as his master, who at the moment still remains undisputed outside Thailand. Also the well-known Yodsaenklai Fartex won an impressive fight on points against Khalid Bourdif.

    In the period of absence the organisation was often requested when the next Slamm!! Event would be organised. After a re-organisation the composition changed and behind the scenes the organization has worked very hard to bring back this concept. The goal was and will always be to bring the absolute top from Thailand to the Netherlands and to have them fight on full Muay Thai rules against Dutch opponents. In that same way the Dutch audience was a witness to the fact that Slamm!! was the organization who promoted top fighters such as Buakaw por Pramuk, Saenchai Sor Kingstar, Koaklai Kaennorasing, Saiyok Pumphangmuang, Yodsaenklai Fairtex, Anuwat Kaewsamrit, Bovy sor Udomsorn and Samranchai 96Penang on Dutch soil for the first time. The composition of the Thai delegation changed throughout the years, but the goal remained the same and the audience was treated with absolute top Muay Thai fights. Due to this Slamm!! is being acknowledged by the connoisseurs as the “favorite.” Not only the Thai fights guaranteed this, but also the composition of the remaining fights caused a lot of buzz. Also the hit between Joeri Mes and Andy Souwer has become a classic in the mean time. Due to this way of match-making Slamm!! has become the Dutch promoter of full Muaythai both locally as well as abroad.

    For part VII, which is now planned to be held in the Sporthal Stedenwijk in Almere, Slamm!! has a lot in store once again. We are going back to the roots, especially since the first Slamm!! event was also held in this location where Marco Pique fought against Buakaw Por Pramuk. In a sold out hall this huge matchmaking should once again be achievable. Instead of launching the entire matchmaking we have decided that this time the promotion of the event will be combined with a contest. We hereby launch a number of names of the fighters of the “Holland vs Thailand” and the “Best of Holland” programme. The person who is able to put together the entire matchmaking of “Holland vs Thailand”, in else the four fights, will be the winner of two free entrance cards. To prevent any confusions, there are 12 fighters, of which 4 will not fight in the “Holland vs Thailand” programme, but who will participate in the “Best of Holland” programme. Put together the list in this topic and who knows you might be one of the first to win two cards. The remaining fans have the opportunity to buy their entrance cards for the special pre-sale price of Euro 32,50 until the 31st of March. These cards are available at all Free Record Shop branches ,online on the Slamm!! Facebook and Mixfight.nl

    The fighters of Slamm!! VII are:

    Mootje Khamal (Vos Gym/Real Fighters)
    Miles Simon (Vos Gym/Real Fighters)
    Pornsane Sitmonchai
    Ilias el Hajoui (Team Gunyar)
    Bovy Sor Udomsorn
    Anthony Kane (Team Slamm!!)
    William Diender (Bora Gym)
    Nonsai Sor Sanyakorn
    Giga Chikadze (Mike’s Gym)
    Saiyok Pumphangmuang
    Nieky Holzken (Golden Glory Helmond)
    Faldir Chabari (Team Beast of the East)




    Slamm III:ssa oli aika paha tekniikkavirheestä johtunut tyrmäys. Jalan vipatus kielii aivotäräyksestä.





    Announcement: Main program: SLAMM!! VII “Holland vs Thailand”

    A while ago it was announced that SLAMM!! would return to Dutch soil and as it can be expected from the organisation, they will return once again with the best that Thailand has to offer. On Sunday the 27th of May 2012 a quota of four Dutch fighters may once again try to prove themselves against the top of Thailand, on full Thai rules, five rounds of three minutes, “Knees and elbows, all the good stuff”. Six times already the audience has had the opportunity to enjoy the biggest heroes, such as Buakaw por Pramuk, Saenchai Sor Kingstar, Koaklai Kaennorasing, Saiyok Pumphangmuang, Yodsaenklai Fairtex, Anuwat Kaewsamrit, Bovy sor Udomsorn and Samranchai 96Penang. For the seventh time SLAMM!! will come out with a top line-up.

    FMT 5×3 – 61 Kg Ilias el Hajoui (Team Gunyar) vs Pornsane Sitmonchai

    A fight which was received very well internationally was the comeback to Europe of the absolute legend Pornsane Sitmonchai. This fighter is very popular in Thailand, spectacular and an absolute must see fighter. The opponent of Pornsane will be the talented Ilias el Hajoui from Team Gunyar who has caught some experience in fighting full Muay Thai fights in the recent past. This happened through ups and downs, a loss in England against the new sensation of Sansiprapa, but in Emmen he surprised both friend and foe by being victorious over Paowarit, who is also part of the Sansiprapa camp. SLAMM!! Now gives el Hajoui the opportunity to prove himself against a top fighter and we all have big expectations about this. Young and upcoming against the established rank.

    FMT 5×3 -70 Kg Faldir Chabari (Team Beast of the East) vs Bovy Sor Udomsorn

    One of the best and underestimated fighters in the Netherlands: “Fast” Faldir Chabari will fight against the Thai tank Bovy! Chabari is a multiple Dutch, European and World champion at the W.F.C.A. and has defeated many top fighters. The list is just too long: Orono, Albert Kraus, Chris van Venrooij, Omar Amrani, Anthony Kane, William Diender, Gago Drago, Kieran Keddle, Ali Gunyar and Rayen Simson just to mention a few of the names. Because of his style he is not welcome in Japan, but still an enormously good fighter. Technical wise very complete and opposite to that BOVY! “The New Rambo”, S-1 and Rajadamnern champion, with a number of 130 fights and a “stitch count” of around 250, still one of the hardest fighters of Thailand. This man simply steps forward to destroy. Nevertheless his fight against Fabio Pinca in Paris is on the SLAMM!! all-time favorite list. Although Bovy is now a bit older and also had a few losses during Shoot boxing last year, it is always a spectacle to watch him.

    FMT 5×3 -72,5 Kg Nieky Holzken (Golden Glory Helmond) vs Nonsai Sor Sanyakorn

    In the past four years, he fought 16 fights of which only three ended in a loss: Nieky “the Natural” Holzken! Often boring and superannuated during interviews, but he simply comes to fight and to destroy his opponent as he states himself, but he is actually a pure fighter. Holtzen has absolute KO power and has been successful in several disciplines. Also when it comes to Full Muay Thai he knows how to defend himself, Marco Pique and Ky Hollenbeck got to experience this. His opponent on the 27th of May will be the strong Thai Nonsai Sor Sanyakorn. A bit heavier for a Thai fighter than his compatriots and although he is still young, he is very experienced. Earlier he had already fought in the Netherlands against Mohamed Medhar, whom he knocked out in the fifth round. Especially in the last year he has been very active in Asia and fought against fighters such as Dzabar Askerov and Wayne “JWP” Parr.

    FMT 5×3 -67 Kg Mohamed Khamal (Vos Gym/Real Fighters) vs Saiyok Pumphangmuang

    The last fight of the night, the absolute hit and possibly already the Muay Thai fight of the year in the Netherlands: Mohamed Khamal vs Saiyok Pumphangmuang. What is left to say about this fight? Saiyok Pumphangmuang is the only Thai fighter who remains undefeated outside Thailand. With a number of 240 fights on his record, the current Lumpini and former Rajadamnern champion, we are speaking of one of the best Thai boxers in his weight category at this moment. This man is simply the real deal in Muay Thai”! During SLAMM!! V he made his debut on Dutch soil and defeated Fikri Tjari, who had made his comeback. Due to circumstances he had fought in the Netherlands more often, but not against the original authorized opponents. It is a public secret that some managers thought that this man was too strong, and therefore they saw substitutes such as Harry Lodewijks and Edgar N’Zunga losing without any chance of winning. During SLAMM!! VI Saiyok Pumphangmuang fought against Warren Stevelmans, but also this explosive fighter wasn’t successful in winning. During SLAMM!! VII however he will have to fight against Mohamed Khamal, who was previously known as “Mootje” Khamal, however it is stated that now he wants to go by the full name of Mohamed Khamal. The little boy has now grown into a man and his improvements are unbelievable. Whereas in 2007 we witnessed him fighting a B-fight in Osdorp, in 2009 he made a complete break-through by being victorious over Anuwat Kaewsamrit. This former fighter of the year lost on points from the upcoming Amsterdam-native, who was able to call himself the “King of Amsterdam” one year later after his memorable fight against Mosab Amrani. In that year he also became the K-1 MAX West European champion. By the end of 2011 he showed that he definitely belongs in the Muay Thai scene by defeating both the English top fighter Liam “the Hitman” Harrison from the Bad Company Gym and Michael Dicks. Supported by Ivan Hippolyte and the gentlemen of Vos Gym he will get the opportunity on the 3rd of March to fight against Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong for the Lumpini title, where after he will face the biggest challenge of his career: Saiyok Pumphangmuang!




    On se kova.








    @MyMuayThai.com wrote:

    Hey guys, I was able to catch up with Bovy at Sitsongpeenong a couple of weeks ago, get his thoughts on his upcoming fight in Holland. Bovy’s a beast but he’s definitely coming to the end of his career. I enjoy watching him, and his raw agression, but he just takes too much damage. Don’t get me wrong if he catches you, your getting ktfo. He doesn’t seem punchy at the moment, but who knows how long he’ll stay this way.

    This is the first time I had a chance to watch him train… to call him unorthodox is a bit of an understatement. In the afternoon he does a pad session, mostly hands… it’s strange his technique is all over the map, he often throws his punches with such momentum that when he’s finished he’s caught way off balance. As another trainer was commenting, there’s no point in correcting him. He makes it work… He then goes and works the bag for another hour, mostly hands… that’s when I took the cover pic of him. Then he jumps back into the ring to do another pad session, this time with some kicks and knees.

    I wish him all the best, win or lose I’ll back him.








    Ai jai mitä herkkua! Bovy näyttää lopussa ihan Manny Pacmanille, sillä erotuksella että on hidas ja ottaa ihan helvetisti iskuja päähän.





    Nyt on eeppistä!




    Yleisösuosikki Bovy “täältä tulee aina kovempaa takas” Udomsornin vastustaja Faldir Chahbari on siinä mielessä ainutlaatuinen ottelija, että hänellä on vain yksi toimiva silmä. Tähän päälle kun lisätään pömppömaha ja muutenkin lihakseton kroppa, niin ulkoisesti ollaan aika kaukana ns huippuottelijasta. Ironista kyllä Chahbari omaa kuitenkin hyvän ottelusilmän ja tykkää naputella osumia omalta etäisyydeltään. Titteleistä löytyy muun muassa kaksi MM-kultaa amatöörithainyrkkeilystä. Bovyn päivän kunto on aina arvoitus ja riippunee paljolti siitä, miten paljon on treenattu ja juotu Changia edeltävinä viikkoina. Nouseeko kehään hidas puliukko, jolla ei ole tasapainoaistia, vai sydän tulessa taisteleva berserkki? Varmaa on ainoastaan se, että Bovy ei mene leikkimään, vaan rymistelee Chahbarin iskuja päin tai niistä läpi; tarkoituksenaan päästä iholle ‘hakkaamaan ja tappamaan’.




    Ei tule Bovy saamaan “kiinni” Chahbaria. Nyrkkeilytaidot on niin hyvät (täytyy ihmetellä miten yksisilmäisenä hän siihen pystyy). Hienoa että näinkin yksinkertaisia nyrkkeilytaitoja alkaa lajin pariin tulemaan, eikä pelkkää aivotonta hollantilaista toe-to-toe slugfestiä. Meinaan tollanen vastapallottelu, yli/ali käden lyöminen ja heinänteko-koukkujen väistäminen saa näyttämään toisen aseettomalta, ja loppupeleissä pelataan yhteen maaliin.

    Se on taas toinen juttu onko iskuissa niin paljon kaatoa, että saa vanhan säkkiotsan tolpiltaan. Chahbar vie pisteillä.





    Chahbarin voitto on hyvinkin mahdollinen. Mies on taitava ja osaa pysyä lyöntien ulottumattomissa. Mutta ei saa sulkea pois sitä tosiasiaa, että ottelussa on viisi kolmen minuutin erää, ja sinä aikana kehä saattaa käydä ahtaaksi Bovy-sonnin prässin alla.




    Live-stream tulee mahdollisesti tänne -> http://www.slamm.nl/#/nl/livestream/

    Slammiä varmaan siirretään SM-karsintojen takia.





    Lineup Slamm!! VII “Holland vs Thailand” – 27 mei 2012

    Holland vs Thailand

    1. A FMT 5×3 – 61 Kg Ilias el Hajoui (Team Gunyar) vs Pornsane Sitmonchai
    2. A FMT 5×3 -70 Kg Mohamed Khamal (Vos Gym/Real Fighters) vs Saiyok Pumphangmuang
    3. A FMT 5×3 -70 Kg Faldir Chahbari (Team Beast of the East) vs Bovy Sor Udomsorn
    4. A FMT 5×3 -72,5 Kg Miles Simson (Vos Gym/Real Fighters) vs Nonsai Sor Sanyakorn

    Best of Holland

    5. A MT 57 Kg 3×3 Denise Kielholtz (Team Slamm!!) vs Katerina Svobodova (Tjechie)
    6. A MT-70 Kg 3×3 Robbie Hageman (GG Helmond/Siam Gym) vs Romano Majanor (Twight Gym)
    7. A MT 70 Kg 3×3) vs Aziz Kallah (FFC) vs Giga Chikadze (Georgie)
    8. A MT 75 Kg 3×3 Alkma Matewa (Queensbury) vs Matthias Ippsa (Mousid Gym)
    9. A MT -80 Kg 3×3 Errol Koning (Ropie Gym) vs Omar Amrani (Temple Fightschool)
    10. A MT 100+ Kg 3×3 Ismael Londt (Team Slamm!!) vs t.b.a.


    11. MMA pro 2×5 70 Kg Kuku Victor (Team Slamm!!) vs Cengiz Dana (Duitsland)

    Thaiboksen B-C-NW klasse

    12. NW MT 70 Kg 3×1.5 Romano Duin (Simson Gym) vs Winston Fernandez (Team Verhege)
    13. C MT 63,5 Kg 3×2 Marcello Cusimano (MT Palermo) vs Johna Creaton (Bonjasky Academy)
    14. C MT 76 Kg 3×2 Mike Sprang (Kimekai Gym) vs Saul Kruydenhof (Seconds Out)
    15. B MT 68 Kg 3×3 Kevin Bromet (Day’s Gym) vs Gino Dixon (Team vd Berg/Hansen)
    16. B MT 70 Kg 3×3 Kevin Hesseling (KB Haarlem) vs Mohammed el Messaoudi (Simson Gym)
    17. B MT 80 Kg 3×3 Cedric Simson (Simson Gym) vs Fernando Goodings (Mejiro Gym Fr)
    18. B MT 95 Kg 3×3 Luc Smits (Team Furious) vs Tony Jas (TB Den Haag)

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