9.6.2012 Battle of the Belts (7 x WBC MM), Bangkok

Uutiset Foorumit Kilpailutoiminta Kilpailut 9.6.2012 Battle of the Belts (7 x WBC MM), Bangkok

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    Kova ilta tulossa. kortilla: Artem Levin vs. Simon Marcus – Joe Schilling matsin voittaja, Saenchai, Steve “photoshop-pää” McKinnon, Ramazonov, Jomtong Chuwattana, Kem Sitsongpeenong…

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    WBC announces fight card for “Battle of the Belts”. Seven world titles on the line June 9th in Bangkok, Thailand

    The WBC has announced the official lineup for the June 9th “Battle of the Belts” event taking place at the Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand. An amazing seven WBC Muay Thai world titles will be on the line at this incredible event. As would be expected, the fight card features an incredible line up of some of the world’s absolute best in Muay Thai in each of their respective weight classes, however one champion, Artem Levin, is still waiting on his potential opponent. Canadian superstar Simon Marcus will once again face off with hard hitting American Joe Schilling in a rematch at Lion Fight Promotions on May 12th, 2012 to decide who will fight Artem “The Lion” Levin for the world title. Marcus defeated Schilling by TKO in February, but for some the fight ended much to abruptly and with too much controversy. A rematch was demanded and Marcus obliged, convinced that he will defeat Schilling again. The usually vocal Schilling has since been very quiet, no doubt concentrating all of his efforts on defeating Marcus in the rematch and getting one step closer to reaching his goal of becoming world champion!

    the card will also feature many more notable names in the world of Muay Thai, such as Saenchai (now Saenchai Sor. Seanchai), Kem Sitsongpeenong, Ramazan Ramazanov, Jomtong Chuwattana, Big Ben, and many more! The quality of Muay Thai that will be taking place the next couple of months is absolutely phenomenal. The temperature is not only rising as we head into summer, it is also heating up in the world of Muay Thai!

    Below is the official fight card announced by WBC Muay Thai!

    Big Ben Ch. Praram (THA) v Sittihichai Sitsongpeenong (THA)
    * WBC Muaythai World Welterweight Title

    Artem Levin (RUS) v winner of Simon Marcus (CAN) vs. Joe Schilling (USA) in Las Vegas on May 12th
    * WBC Muaythai World Light Heavyweight Title

    Steve McKinnon (AUS) v Ramazan Ramazonov (RUS)
    * WBC Muaythai World Supercruiserweight Title

    Jomtong Chuwattana (THA) v Dane Beauchamp (AUS)
    * WBC Muaythai World Lightweight World Title

    Saenchai S. Saenchai (THA) v Damien Alamos (FRA)
    * WBC Muaythai World Superlightweight Title

    Alejedrano Asuma Oso (ESP) v Kem Sitsongpeenong (THA)
    * WBC Muaythai World Super Welterweight Title

    Christian Bosch (ARG) v Fabiano Cyclone (JAP)
    * WBC Muaythai World Heavyweight Title

    Dechbanjong Fairtex (THA) v Jingreedtong Seatransferry (THA)
    * Non Title fight

    Keep checking back here at Muay Thai is Life for more info on “Battle of the Belts” as well as any and all Muay Thai news!




    Kanadalainen Simon Marcus on jostain syystä perunut voittamansa MM-haastepaikan Artem Leviniä vastaan, joten amerikkalainen suurisuu Joe Schilling saa todellisen Rocky vs. Ivan Drago haasteen. Schilling lähtee otteluun ehdottomasti altavastaajana, mutta tämä lisää vain MM-ottelun mielenkiintoa, sillä pahanpito Schillingin ja Marcuksen välillä saa tästä vaan lisää bensaa liekkeihin.

    Lähde: http://www.muaythaiauthority.com/2012/05/simon-marcus-rumored-to-be-out-of-bout.html

    Simon Marcus rumored to be out of bout with Artem Levin, Joe Schilling tabbed as replacement

    Simon Marcus is rumored to have pulled out of his scheduled June 9th bout with Artem Levin for the WBC Muay Thai Light Heavyweight World Title. Marcus who recently defeated Joe Schilling in a title elimination bout at Lion Fight Muay Thai VI was set to face Levin at Battle for the Belts in Bangkok Thailand. The reason for Marcus pulling out currently remains unclear.

    Tabbed to replace Marcus against Levin is American Joe Schilling. Apparently Schilling has verbally agreed to the bout and all that is needed now is a signed contract to make the fight official. Schilling has expressed interest in fighting Levin on several occasions and has now received his shot. Fans should be in for a real treat as both Levin and Schilling are known for their finishing prowess.

    Keep checking back here at Muay Thai Authority as we bring you more information as it becomes available regarding the change at Battle for the Belts.

    @Joe Schilling @ Facebook wrote:

    Simon pulled out of the fight with Artem Levin in Bangkok on June 9th I’m back in. June 9th Artem Levin vs Joe Schilling for the undisputed WBC light heavy weight world title




    Levin ulkona, Vakhitov ottaa Schillingiä vastaan. WBC:n MM-vyö edelleen panoksena.

    Lähde: http://www.wbcmuaythai.com/previous_news_select.php?id=265


    28 May 2012

    Artem Vakhitov new pride of Russia

    Artem Vakhitov will replace his Russian country rival Artem Levin in the WBC MUAYTHAI Light Heavyweight Championship – one of seven world titles to be staged in the Battle For The Belts event in Bangkok on 9 June.

    Levin underwent arthroscopy surgery on his left knee joint on 19 May and it was hoped that he would have a full recovery of the medial meniscus resection. While the post operative period showed no complications – after further consultations with his surgeon, management, promoter BEC Tero and the WBC – it was decided that for safety reasons Levin be withdrawn from his title defence.

    Vakhitov, the 21-year-old sensation who lost on points to Simon Marcus in the Muay Thai Premier League has been in peak training and welcomed the opportunity to fight for the vacant title against the USA champion Joe Schilling.

    Levin will travel to Bangkok for the historic seven world titles event that will be televised live across Thailand on Channel 9 and internationally by the IMG.

    While extremely disappointed Levin, as the WBC champion in voluntary recess, said he was committed to winning back the prestigious WBC world title green belt that he considers is the ultimate achievement in professional Muay Thai.

    Champions and challengers for the Battle For the Belts seven WBC world titles to be held at the Impact Arena Muang Thong Thani are as follows:

    Jomtong Chuwattana (Thailand) Vs Yetkin Ozkul (Turkey)
    Sakeddao Petchapayatai (Thailand) Vs Sofiane Derdega (France)
    Big Ben Ch. Praram 6 (Thailand) Vs Fabio Pinca (France)
    Alejandro Asumu Osa (Spain) Vs Kem Sitsongpeenong (Thailand)
    Artem Vakhitov (Russia) Vs Joe Schilling (USA)
    Steve McKinnon (Australia) Vs Frank Munoz (Holland)
    Christian Bosch (Argentina) Vs Fabiano Cyclone (Japan)




    Schilling has landed!





    On se paha poika!




    Stich’em up vei pisteillä! Hyvää draamaa tulossa…




    Joe “Stich’em up” Schilling vs. Karapet Karapetyan (ei ollut Vakhitov, ihme säätämistä…)







    Matsi päättyy aika rajuun kyynärpäälyöntiin.





    Steve “photosoppää” McKinnon on iskussa. Hyvä juttu Corbett vs McKinnon II matsia ajatellen.

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