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    Itseltäni on mennyt tällainen ohi.

    Kaksi joukkuetta, joiden kapteeneina Saiyok ja Sudsakorn, 32 ottelijaa, 150 000 dollaria pääpalkintona.

    Thai Fight Begins Shooting New Reality Show with Sudsakorn and Saiyok as Coaches

    A Thai Fight reality show has been rumored to be in development as far back as 2012 of last year. Two days ago, in Sam Phran, Thailand, just over 50 kilometers outside Bangkok, 32 experienced farang fighters came together to begin shooting the long awaited series.

    Similar to the popular show “The Contender,” the Thai Fight reality series, tentatively titled “THAI FIGHT KAAD CHUEK” will pit two opposing teams of nak muays against each other over the course of a month and a half until only one fighter remains. The show is scheduled to air on Channel over 5 weeks from July 3 to August 5. A 150,000 euro reward is expected for the winner.

    Leading the rival squads will be Thai Fight favorites, Sudsakorn sor Klinmee and Saiyok Pumpanmuang, who themselves will meet on the show’s final episode in December.

    Fights on “Kaad Chuek” will be conducted as typical Muay Thai bouts, with one noticeable difference. Instead of using typical boxing-style gloves, contestants will instead have their hands bound with the Kaad Chuek rope.

    In the oldest of forms of Muaythai, dating back several centuries, fighters adopted a rule that would lessen the amount of wrist sprains and other injuries that could be contracted by bare knuckle boxing. The nak muays began to bandage their fists in a skein of hemp son to gain firepower and protect their fingers. This became known as Kaad Chuek. Kaad Chuek fighting is still a popular form of martial arts, and is regularly practiced in areas of Laos and Burma.

    The contestants on Thai Fight won’t be fighting with rope only, however. The fighters will also be required to wear what looks like an mma glove beneath the kaad chuek wraps to absorb some of the force from the hands and on the face.

    You can take a look at the full cast line-up below, and be sure to stick with FSA for any future updates about the show.

    1 Sudsakorn Klinmee (Thailand)
    2-Saiyok PUMPANMUANG (Thailand)
    3 BUNTHEN-Sen (Cambodia)
    4-Crice Boussoukou (South Africa)
    5-Sohanne BENGANA (Algeria)
    6-Youssef BOUGHANEM (Belgium)
    7-Michael PISCITELLO (France)
    8-MERINO Carlos (Spain)
    9-Jawad NACI (Morocco)
    10-Dimitri MASSON (Switzerland)
    11 Christopher TARTARI (Luxembourg)
    12-Tuntun MIN (Burma)
    13-Robert BUMINA ANG-(Philippines)
    14-KOSTINTANOF Dima (Ukraine)
    15-Kazbek Zubarev (Russia)
    16-Mochamad Rizaldi (Indonesia)
    17-Isa ALEMDAR (Iran)
    18 KO Hyun-Jung (South Korea)
    19-Bokhayov SEREJEI (Belarus)
    20 Vladimir RIHAs (Czech Republic)
    21-Munkbayar (Mongolia)
    22-David DOUGE (France)
    23-Salahdine AIT NACEUR (Morocco)
    24-David Calvo MARTINEZ (Spain)
    25-Gentile MARTIN MEONI (Austria)
    26-Rosario Presti (Italy)
    27-Lahoucine idouche (Turkey)
    28-Amadou BA (Senegal)
    29 Sebastian POOL (Monaco)
    30-Samo Petje (Slovenia)

    Ottelijat eivät käytä nyrkkeilyhanskoja, vaan sitovat kätensä köydellä entisaikojen tyyliin. Köyden alla on “what looks like an mma glove beneath the kaad chuek wraps to absorb some of the force from the hands and on the face.”





    The Thai Fight “Kard Chuek” Reality Show Results Have Been Leaked; Final 8 Revealed

    June 17, 2013 | CCSanderson | 2 Comments
    The Thai Fight “Kard Chuek” Reality Show Results Have Been Leaked; Final 8 Revealed

    Earlier last month, FSA announced that Thai Fight would be filming a Contender-Style reality TV series, set to air between July 5 and August 14. Two teams of 16 fighters apiece would battle it out, with each victory bringing one fighter closer to the grand finale, set to take place later in the year.

    We initially reported that Thai Fight sensations Saiyok Pumpanmuang and Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee would star as coaches for the two rival teams, but we’ve since learned that both fighters will be participating among the 32 chosen fighters as competitors. While there are are a few experienced nak muays in the group (Naser-K members Michael Piscitello and Crice Boussoukou come to mind) letting Sudsakorn and Saiyok compete against a team of relatively unknown fighters seems a bit unfair, to say the least.

    Thanks to Fight Sport Asia’s friend and partner website- Muay Farang- we now have access to the fight results from the last Thai Fight Kaad Chuek card from June 14th. The show was set to feature the final 16 bouts on the program. At the end of the night, only 8 fighters remained, whittled down from the original 32. We now have a decent idea of what some of the match-ups for the Final 8, Final 4, and Grand Finale might look like.

    Keep in mind, these results have already been posted to numerous places around the Internet. Only continue reading if you want spoilers for the show.

    Thai Fight Kard Chuek- Final 16 Results

    Dima Konstantinov (Ukraine) def. Richardi Genda (slovakia) by Decision

    Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee (Th) def. Victor Hugo Nunes (Brazil) by Decision

    Crice Boussoukou (S.Africa) def. Jong Hyun Ko (Korea) by KO

    Youssef Boughanem (Belgium) def. Sebastien Billard (Monaco) by KO

    Idouche Lahoucine (Morocco) def. Kazbek Zubarev (Russia) by KO

    Zaw Tum (Myanmar) def. Dimitri Masson (Switz) by Decision

    Mickael Piscitello (France) def. Martin Meoni (Italy) by KO

    Saiyok Pumpanmuang (Th) def. Matheus Pereira Dagruz (Columbia) by Decision

    Obviously, the biggest names that remain are those of Sudsakorn, Saiyok, Piscitello,and Boussoukou. However, Youseff Boughanem and Idouche Lahoucine are quite talented fighters in their own right, and were more than likely the next most skilled nak muays outside the top four.

    It’s probably no coincidence that the well known fighters in the bracket weren’t scheduled to face each other until all the other competition had been eliminated. It’s relatively clear to see that Thai Fight wants Sudsakorn and Saiyok to meet in the finals, and they will most likely be on opposite ends of the bracket until the end of the competition.

    Be sure to stay with FSA for any more information we get regarding Thai Fight: Kard Chuek, and check out our facebook and twitter page for all the latest combat news updates.




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    Ei noissa matseissa saatu lyönneillä suurta tuhoa aikaan, mutta täytyy sanoa, että konsepti on mielenkiintoinen. Jos vertaa vaikka näihin tap out-hassujen hehkuttamiin hanskattomiin NHB-matseihin, niin onhan tässä suurempi mahdollisuus tehdä vahinkoa lyönnillä. Kun sitoo kädet köydellä, todennäköisyys rikkoa oma käsi on suhteellisen pieni, mutta vastustajan naaman ruhjominen on hyvinkin mahdollista. Se luonnollisesti kannustaa ottelijoita lyömään enemmän kuin käsiensä särkymistä pelkäävät no holds barraajat.

    Mielenkiinnolla odotan Sayiokin ja Sudsakornin ottelemista.




    Uusi jakso. Kaksi matsia ja Sudsakorn ottelee toisessa.




    very nice

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