Team Finland is ready to add Finnish Flag to the World Games 2017


European Muaythai Federation EMF on tehnyt juttua Suomen joukkueesta sivuillaan!

Team Finland which boasts to have one of the strongest female teams in Europe again brings its best athletes to the European Championships. This time the Finnish destination is the city of Split, Croatia where two male and seven female athletes will compete for their country and importantly for medals and an opportunity to go to the World Games 2017.

Finnish athletes need no introduction in the world muaythai. Its athletes were on the awarding podium of the last World Championships in Sweden and have been among the best at all IFMA and EMF events.

Jussi Santalahti competing in 81 division is the winner of the Nordic Cup 2015 which has been an outstanding event gathering teams from Scandinavian countries. This time Jussi will try to prove that Finnish team can be among the best in Europe and win the right to go to Wroclaw next year.

Satu Mykkänen, the lightest division representative, weighing 45 kilogrammes will come to Split to show the strength of light divisions. Still there will be not going to be a walk in the park for Satu as such such athletes like Alena Liashkevich from Belarus who won a Thai athlete in Sweden will be a worthy rival. All the Europe is looking forward to see a match between these two athletes.

Tessa Kakkonen, representative in 48 kg division was the gold medal winner of the World Championships in Sweden having such leading muaythai countries like Canada, Sweden and Thailand. She is going to Split as a outstanding favorite for the gold medals.

Mirka Salonen is coming as her confident, precise and versatile technique, combined with a brilliant skills make her one of the best contestants from Finland.

Siiri Tura will compete in 54 kg division which is a devision included into the World Games 2017 in Wroclaw, Poland and Siiri is one of the hopes of Finland to represent the country at this grand event.

Gia Winberg is another contender for the World Games spot in the weight division 60 kg. She is full of determination to compete for the highest awards and in Europe few athletes can be a worthy rival for her. It is going to be another great performance and main match of the European Championships.

It will be a great spectacle to again see and enjoy each member of the Finnish team and EMF can only congratulate FMF President Mr Antti Naakka for developing female and youth sport. These are truly Olympic values which Finland follows with muaythai.

Good luck in Split team Finland and show your best to qualify for the World Games 2017.

Juttu kuvineen on luettavissa täältä:

Suomen joukkueeseen on tullut muutamia muutoksia jälkikäteen. Jutussa mainittu Jussi Santalahti ei ottele EM-kilpailuissa ja joukkueeseen on lisätty  Riina Sipovaara ja Teemu Hellevaara.


Katru Perkkiö